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How To Be a Detective Think You Have What It Takes To Be A Crime Scene Investigator Or A Junior Sherlock Holmes Heres What You Need To Know To Get StartedFingerprinting Suspects Dusting For Prints They Left Behind Combing Over The Scene Of A Crime To Spot Near Invisible Clues Guaranteed To Keep Sleuths Busy And On The Case, These Lively Instructions And Hands On Activities Cover Everything From Securing A Crime Scene And Gathering Evidence To Following Footprints, Tracking Suspects, And Interviewing Witnesses And Knowing When They Are Lying Among This Guides Special Features Are An Ink Pad For Taking Fingerprints A Make Your Own Periscope Kit A Foldout Poster Featuring A Case To Be Solved

About the Author: Dan Waddell

Dan Waddell is the author of Who Do You Think You Are Be a Family Tree Detective He has also written two crime novels for adults, Blood Atonement and The Blood Detective He lives in London.Jim Smith is an illustrator whose artwork can be seen on greeting cards, juice bottles, and coffee cups This is his first book with Candlewick Press He lives in London

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