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How Death Becomes Life: Notes from a Transplant Surgeon A beautifully written and compelling memoir of a largely unexplored area of medicine transplant surgery Leading transplant surgeon Dr Joshua Mezrich creates life from loss, moving organs from one body to another In this intimate, profoundly moving work, he examines than one hundred years of remarkable medical breakthroughs, connecting this fascinating history with the stories of his own patients Gripping and evocative, How Death Becomes Life takes us inside the operating room and presents the stark dilemmas that transplant surgeons must face daily How much risk should a healthy person be allowed to take to save someone she loves Should a patient suffering from alcoholism receive a healthy liver The human story behind the most exceptional medicine of our time, Mezrich s riveting book is a poignant reminder that a life lost can also offer the hope of a new beginning

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    Absurd wonderful to read about transplants and also a story to go with it Beautifully written Very interesting and magical of the wonders of organ transplant Easy to understand, no bad points

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    Well written, detailed history of transplantation follows the author on his fellowship journey learning from the legacy of the great explorers and masters of modern medicine Drawing on his personal surgical experience, patients stories and their personal experience with transplantation as seen through a very human surgeon s eyes Not what I expected as a liver transplant recipient, but , the human side When Death Becomes Life.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this book, loved reading the inspirational stories of the men ad women who believed in something and made it happen Loved also this authors stories and his respectful, insightful take on his own life of significance

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    Thrills if you are passionate about your field.

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    Very happy Quick delivery.

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    After hearing an interview with the author on NPR, I immediately ordered the book You would kinda think that a book about organ donation would be obscure and dry But as the author states in the acknowledgements, he learned from some of the similar best selling medical books to come out recently, and indeed he has He s taken a relatively obscure subject and using deft narrative techniques, made the subject a page turner The first time he described in detail a surgical procedure, I had to speed read through it By the end, I was re reading these passages to make sure I understood what was going on He covers the development of transplantation and dialysis which was as engrossing as the history of flight He covers the pioneers with due reverence In public service, he repeatedly puts donors, both alive and deceased, to the forefront as the true heroes, without whom he would have to find another line of work I admit I have a bias as I am awaiting a kidney transplant, but well worth the read even if you are untouched by transplant issues Essential reading if you are.

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    Just finished this book I loved it I am a fan of this genre and love first person accounts of surgeons doing surgery Although the history of transplantation was very interesting, my favorite parts of the book were his personal stories of his patients and his honestly of his successes and his defeats in the OR Dr Mizrich shares his wisdom and his heart in this well written book Now off to read Dr Starzl s Puzzle People

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    Wonderful book I will read it again and again It describes in detail the heroes and their stories who blazed the trail of transplantation Being a donor and having a healthy husband is my reward Thanks, Josh for your part in making this a reality to our family This book helps me understand so much better what went on at UW Hospital Madison, May 23rd, 2012, our Kidneyversay I m forever grateful.

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    This book is fantastic I really enjoyed the history of transplants and the risk takers that paved the way to save so many lives It s amazing to read all of the patient stories from a physicians perspective and to gain insight into this medical specialty I absolutely loved this book and would highly recommend.

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    This book is a must read it is awesome If you know anything about transplants you can tell this book is not only from the surgeons experience but also from his heart

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    What we take for granted now, the gift of transporting life, is humbly illuminated in this book of life Medical progress is made by courageous, strong, fearless, brilliant and deeply human individuals Amazing how far we ve come in a short time before technological thinking The stories of decades past and recent past are synchronized and the truth is that it is our innate nature to fight to live in our own body or another s because of love Thank you to the brave soldiers in the medical field who step into the front lines.

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    This book tells it like it is and in such a wonderful way, I loved the writers style You will learn so much about transplant surgery even if you ate not a medical person I am a nurse and paramedic and I learned so much and especially about the history of organ transplant , thank God we live in this age, after you read this book you will never say the phrase the good old days thank you Dr.Mezrich Daunn Munn

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    As a biology teacher, I have to talk about organ transplants when the topic is the liver, the kidney, and the immune system This book gave me the perspective that I needed to do a well thought out job Students today don t remember when organ transplants weren t an everyday occurrence It s important for them to understand the amazing research that went into making these surgeries possible I highly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates these modern miracles.

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    The book is incredibly interesting and very well written I find topics in the medical field fascinating and I was intrigued after reading the description of the book and its reviews I was a little worried it would be dry and completely over my head, but I ve found it to be a great book There are some in depth descriptions that discuss medical procedures that are a bit difficult to understand because of medical terms used for procedures and body parts, however I feel the author does a great job of breaking things down for the reader to understand, and brings a very personal aspect to each scenario discussed I also really enjoy reading about the evolution of transplantation it s so interesting I highly recommend this book To address the missing star, the book came pretty scuffed up, as seen in the attached picture.

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    In my role as a disability management supervisor, my team and I support hundreds of workers every year These workers come to us with a variety of health issues that are conspiring to derail amazing careers and engaged lives.I truly valued the opportunity to peek behind the surgical curtain to learn about the history of transplantation What makes this a standout reading for me is

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