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Hollywood Musical A review, with comments, of Hollywood musicals To understand this book must have seen or expect to see, the musical of which mention is made, otherwise it will be incomprehensible For those who have seen them at least once, the book can be interesting. but alack, I can t say much for her knowledge of the trends that she claims shape the form of the Hollywood Musical For example, her explaination of Brecht s verfremdungs effekt which she never labels as such, using instead the much maligned alienation translation completely omits the most important aspect of Brecht s aesthetic the political one While it may be valid to maintain that Hollywood Musicals are apolitical, it is a travesty to invoke a political concept without addressing at least the omission of the political aspect Likewise, her comparisons to Goddard are fallacious, as I would hardly call a musical about what goes on backstage Gold Diggers of 1933 , for example any sort of demystification, especially when film is the medium On the other hand, she invokes other things like Dwight MacDonald s Theory of Mass Culture quite elegantly Aesthetic and theory aside, the book is an excellent examination of the trends of a Hollywood musical and the archetypes represented therein I was also delighted to see that she included a section in the second edition printing on how camp has affected musicals in the past 25 years or so.As mentioned, the author truly does know her subject she is a veritable mental compendium of information regarding her subject matter But I give the book two stars as I think anyone who tires easily of discussions surrounding theory and aesthetic will find the book a bit long in parts, and because anyone looking for incisive views on musicals as they realate to theory will be sorely disappointed. The writer has a perverse view of movie musicals and it shows in her so called writings She whines and moans and groans throughout the short,thankfully,book In short,it stinks. Review of The Hollywood MusicalHot Toasty Rag, October 24, 2017This is such a great book, for students and for moviegoers who love musicals I was both when I read it, and used it as a part of my research for a term paper in college From a student s perspective, it s extremely informative and could easily be added to required reading lists for relative classes The book, originally published in 1983, and with a second edition released in 1993, takes readers through the history of movie musicals, from Al Jolson s singing phenomenon through to Flashdance.Those reading it for pleasure rather than a class will be equally entertained Much of the book is dedicated to Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, as it should be, since their techniques and films shaped the entire musical genre forever Not only does Jane Feuer discuss movie musicals as a whole, but she dissects the power of the camera in show stopping musical numbers, and how films can bring musicals to audiences in a way the stage never can.Dozens of stills from movie musicals pepper the pages, and with a list of credits as well as an index in the back of all the films mentioned, you can easily pick out movies you haven t seen that look interesting and add them to your to watch list If you like classic musicals, you ll like this book One can only imagine how interesting her third edition would have been, had she discussed the resurgence of movie musicals in the Chicago era Jane Feuer s book The Hollywood Musical is a rare treat for those who want to get their hands on some actual criticism of this forgotten genre in movie history She takes an analytical, thematic approach and the book is very much an academic work, not altogether readable for those searching for a friendly and informal introduction However, if you really care about learning how this genre works and operates this is the most frequently quoted and leading book out there on the subject.I have some criticisms, just because Feuer seems to assume too much about what constitutes a musical , naming Dirty Dancing and the like, whereas I would prefer an author who gives critical thought to this complex question She is very good, however, on the intricacies of the theme of self reflexivity in the musical and its relationship to its ancestral roots of the live theater.Definitely buy this if you want to be introduced to a complex analysis of this fascinating genre. both fresh and informed, as well as a pleasure to read Film Quarterly Since 1982, when this book first appeared, the Hollywood musical has undergone a rebirth, with the rise of teen musicals such as Dirty Dancing and Flashdance In a chapter written especially for this second edition of her well known study, Jane Feuer shows how this new development in the genre relates to important changes in the cinema audience itself It is the text for the study of Hollywood musicals.

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