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Here is New York: A Democracy of Photographs There are now many books about the attacks on 9 11, many of them commemorative photo books, but if you are thinking about which one or two ought to be in your library, HERE IS NEW YORK is one you must have The experience of seeing this storefront exhibition which the book represents was endlessly fascinating and moving Thousands of photos were solicited by both amateur and professional photographers, and all were tacked up in seemingly random order all over the walls of a small shop These charted the World Trade Center from its glory as a New York City landmark through the aftermath of the attacks Virtually every photo was evocative, many were beautiful, and when taken together they created a staggering portrait of that day and those that immediately followed Many experiences and points of view are represented To enter this exhibit was an amazing experience, and when it was housed in a storefront on Sixth Avenue off Bryant Park in Manhattan, I found myself drawn there again and again This book can t exactly recreate that experience, but it does come close to recreating the slide show that appeared on plasma screens in the exhibit, which invariably transfixed dozens of visitors at a time To characterize the experience of thumbing through this book even in the hurly burly of a bookstore as riveting, moving, human is not really enough It struck this New Yorker as an important and definitive document and one well worth having. Presents A Collection Of Photographs Of The Attack On The World Trade Center And The Response Of The People Of New York That Were Contributed In Response To An Open Request For Pictures From All Sources is the best photographic elegy to that terrible day in September 2001 Whereas many of the other books commemorating the events of 9 11 pile on premature analyses, pretentiously written accounts, and near offensive slick design, this massive elegy lets the photos tell the small moments of shock and grief.Yes, there is a single shocking revolting photograph but the editors, I m sure, only included it in the hopes that our reaction to this photo should bring home the deep tragedy and horror of those New Yorkers present on the scene, and to which the hours of TV replays of the event may have numbed the rest of us. This book is absolutely amazing First of all, you don t realize how big it is going to be just by looking at the picture online When I picked up the box I was surprised by the weight The quality of the book is marvelous, because I want this book to withstand time I bought this book because I knew words could not explain to my grandchildren in 40 years from now how the world felt that day On top of that, I live in Californiaso I can honestly say it seemed unreal to me, and in a way it still does.I have made it halfway through the book before I had to stop for tonight My husband left the room and I did not want to be left alone There were pictures towards the middle that bothered me, that really drove it home that people died One is a close up of the point of impact and you can barely makeout that there are people standing on the ledge There is another a few pages over of the people jumping And then the worst is that of a severed leg that I quickly flipped past.These pictures DO speak louder than words If you only want to spend your money on one book to remember this event forever, this book and all 800 pages are it. WOW Probably the most comprehensive historical account and photos in one collection Beautifully irony of my using the adverb in relation to this event, does not escape me but this collection is a masterpiece done will stand the testament of time in portraying the events of that infamous day.

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