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Hammer of God: Alex Hunter 5.5 (English Edition) Alex Hunter let s rip again God I love it when he gets mad on the baddies Myth meets tech and the Arcadian What s not to like Short but equally enjoyable book This is of a short story than a real book It is quite fun read but it does not really advance the story very much It is pretty fast paced but lacks a lot of the detail and the mystery suspense of the full books in the series There is plenty of action of course and it has the usual supernatural and mystery elements that we are used to in this series but it is definitely somewhat predictable and it did feel a bit like reading a comic book than a full fledged entry in the Alex Hunter series.I am generally not to thrilled about these short novellas in the middle of a series but I have liked the Alex Hunter series so far so I decided to go for this one I do not think reading this novella changed my mind on that It does feel a bit like the author was trying to squeeze out a few bucks of a successful series but what the heck, as I wrote, it was a fun read.As the blurb states, a mysterious huge man, carries a nuke into a populated area into the Middle East and detonates it Obviously this is a job for our friends the Arkadian, his team and his Israeli friend Adira They pretty quickly locate the source of the disturbance and proceeds, in their usual way, to eliminate it Despite a few interesting events and anecdotes spread around the story it rather lacks the build up of suspense and mystery that the full Alex Hunter books does It is simply too short and condensed.It was worth reading as a light diversion and to get a bit of a Alex Hunter action fix but you will not really miss much of the Alex Hunter main storyline if you skip it. Not good I have read all of Greig Beck s books and I was really looking forward to this one This is of a novella in length but its classic Greig Beck stuff, Alex is back with his team and along with Adira and her team, they go and kick some butt This was a good read, not as detailed as his usual books but that was to be expected with the length of it I like books like this and the fact that Greig is an Australian writer makes it even better About to go and read Kraken Rising, should be great In a very short time, Greig Becks Arcadian novels have become a reliable brand name for fast paced, tension filled action, with a dash of sci fi supernatural added to the mix His new novella, Hammer Of God, is no exception to that rule My one complaint is that the story is far too short otherwise, it s a fun, fast paced jaunt, with Alex Hunter and his cohorts including some familiar Israeli semi allies trying to discover what is behind a series of nuclear explosions in the Iraq Satellite footage obtained prior to these explosions showed hulking figures carrying large objects into the detonation zones In unraveling this mystery, Beck shows a keen eye for the political dynamics present in the Middle East today, but this is no scholarly treatise on the brutality of radical Islamists instead, it s a slam bang, rapid paced affair that delivers not only some exciting action sequences, but also delves a bit further into the nature of the Other that helped turn Hunter into the Arcadian Consider my appetite thoroughly whetted for Beck s next novel, which appears to find Hunter returning to a certain subterranean world we haven t seen since his debut appearance A great novella, and a fun addition to Beck s bibliography. I love the Alex Hunter Series , by Greg Beck There, I ve said it My dirty little secrete is out I am a LOL on SS Little Old Lady, on Social Security for you Millennial just wore out my 6th Kindle Among the authors of his ilk such as James Rolland, Beck s writing has it own style of History Military Occult Mystery Sci Fi, that has become stronger through the series of The ARCADIAN books.This book is well researched, and particularly timely with the Middle East at war with itself and any other Nation, Country, city, or tribe that doesn t believe in their version of God The super secret HAWC s have weapons we wish we had, and some we my already be using There are notes in the back of the book, that inspire readers to research on their own and explore the many mysteries found in the stories I for one would like to see of these characters Hammer of God, has strong military back story on the ethics of research to improve a soldiers performance Who owns your body after the government has had you Enhanced Grey Ghost As an online book the editing is excellent Recommend for ages Teen to Senior, for a good romp with Alex, and his HAWC s.. HAMMER OF GOD is a novella, approximately 115 pages long, that is subtitled ALEX HUNTER 5.5 to indicate that it takes place in between the GORGON, the 5th Alex Hunter novel and KRAKEN RISING, the newly released 6th full novel in the series Im glad that I read HAMMER OF GOD, but unfortunately it was only OK Unlike the first 4 Alex Hunter novels, and the spectacular FIRST BIRD trilogy starring Matthew Kearns, each of which was very well written and researched, HAMMER OF GOD had a little bit of a phoned in feel to it The writing was much sloppier than is usually the case with Beck, and there were than a few typos and other errors The character development that has been at least decent in the previous Arcadian novels was non existent, and although Alex was accompanied by several very familiar characters from earlier novels in the series Jack Hammerson, Adira Senesh and Sam Reid, there was no additional character development and all the characters, including Alex, were paper thin.The plot was fairly interesting one thing that Beck never fails to deliver is an interesting plot and was than adequate for a novella format The monsters were an original take on the Jewish mystical Golem, the well known story of which was recounted rather briefly and not altogether correctly.Similar to GORGON, which was I thought was slightly better than HAMMER OF GOD, these last two Beck Alex Hunter offerings did not captivate me the way the previous 4 novels did, in terms of writing, character development or story telling This of course did not stop me from preordering Alex Hunter 6, KRAKEN RISING, which I am now reading and which seem so far to be something of a welcome return to form.JM Tepper When the coalition of Allied Forces established an international zone in Iraq, they meant to bring peace to the region They were succeeding until the moment something hulked into the zone and detonated a nuclear bombThe last images from the area prior to the blast are not of drones or the trail of an ICBM Instead they show a solitary figure carrying the enormous weapon to the soon to be ground zero on its backConsulting an ancient prophecy, scholars warn that an ancient evil has returned, wielding the power to raise the dead to do its biddingMajor Jack Hammerson, leader of the elite commandos known as the HAWCs knows that only one one soldier is up to the task But he cannot do it aloneAlex Hunter, the Arcadian, teams up with old ally and Mossad spy Adira Senesh to unravel the age old prophecy, tracing it back to the very heart of madnessPerfect for fans of Matthew Reilly, Steve Alten, Myke Cole, Graham Masterton, James Rollins and Michael CrichtonThe Alex Hunter stories just keep getting better with each book As always, Beck uses history and mythology to build the story in a way that lends it credence and gives it a life of its own I love that The Speed of WriteAction adventure meets The Twilight Zone Stars Myra Gabor, Horror Novel ReviewsI can never put down one of his books until Ive finished the whole thing Frontlaven Reviews Due to circumstances beyond my control, my reviewing has been spotty at best for the last month or so This newest Alex Hunter novella by Beck is a good one to try to get back in the swing of things with This latest tale of the Arcadian is short, but really cool as always Alex, the Arcadian the experimental and thoroughly unique super soldier, joins Adira, the deadly Israeli assasin operator Mossad agent, and last but not least, Sam, Alex s trusted combat brother whom just happens to be a paraplegic with ultra advanced super powered combat bionic enhancements, must try to figure out where a new breed of suicide bombers are coming fromand HOW a SINGLE person could POSSIBLY carry a nuclear device that weighs hundreds of pounds strapped to their backs for hundreds of miles never stopping, never tiring and then setting the device off in the middle of a predetermined target area causing mass destruction If the nuke was being launched from a plane, or hidden in a vehicle, SOMEONE would be able to detect and stop them But, a single entity plodding along, alone, in some arid desert is nearly impossible to detect There are also rumors of ancient black magic at workCREEPY, right Well, this kind of stuff is why I snatch up Greig Becks stuff just as soon as it becomes available The imagination this author has is never tiresome..never same old stuff the content of his stories particularly this Arcadian series just keeps throwing me for a loop This guy has some talent Great job Mr Beck Just, please, keep them coming. First let me state that I think Greig is a fantastic author and I throughly love the first 4 books in the Alex Hunter series The back stories and character development have spun off other throughly enjoyable series This book in particular while imaginative, had very little character development and was extremely rushed I m left with many questions and not fully satisfied as I usually am after finishing a Hunter novel Greig may very well be a victim of his own success in this book as I ve been throughly spoiled by his previous novels including the Matt Kearns books This is still a good read however may end up as an outlier in the series Just ordered Kraken Rising and so far it appears Greig is back in form.

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