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  • GUN AND SWORD: An Encyclopedia of Japanese Gangster Films 1955-1980
  • Chris D.
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  • 24 December 2018
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5 thoughts on “GUN AND SWORD: An Encyclopedia of Japanese Gangster Films 1955-1980

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    Fantastic I love these films and although alot has been written about the few that have come out with English sub titles, Chris D has done all fans of these films a real service by covering the many that have never been English friendly I used to have time and money to spend on watching non subtitled films, but I have to be a lot selective now and a book like this is a tremendous addition to my library Hundreds of films are reviewed and hundreds have only a credit listing The reviews are well written and give a good idea of whether or not the film would be worth your time, but Chris has also given the films a 1 to 4 star rating unnecessary in my opinion It was a great idea to organize the films by studio Two things I wish had been different I wish the book was available as a hardback because it s huge and it s the kind of book I know I will be going back to often Also, there are hundreds of cool posters and photos reproduced in the book, but none in color I wish there could have been a section of color photos bound in the middle of the book But both these changes would have driven the cost of the book up But frankly, I would have been glad to pay As it is, the cover price of 35 is a real bargain Maybe Chris can find someone to publish a best of Japanese gangster films book with the top 200 or so films and lots of color pictures Ha ha I would keep Chris working on this stuff for the next 20 years if I could

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    I ve been waiting for a book like this for a long time Similar in layout as Thomas Weisser s Asian Cinema books but much comprehensive and without all the glaring mistakes Heavily illustrated with original posters black and white but finely detailed Movies like Red Silk Gambler finally get their due His rating system is definitely his own and not popular opinion Halfbreed Rika gets 4 stars while Lady Snowblood gets 3 1 2 and you could play a drinking game every time he uses grand guignol in italics but I respect these eccentricities He also spends a great deal of time recapping the entire plot in each entry This is helpful in discerning whether you just watched Girl Boss 5 or Girl Boss 6.I ve enjoyed Chris D s essays and commentaries over the years and this book will be enjoyed just as much Warning you will be overwhelmed There are so many films in here that you know and so many you don t know and many you want to know about.I wish he d give Pinku Eiga the same treatment

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    Chris D strikes again this time with an incredibly researched, highly informative reference guide to some of the greatest motion pictures ever made Not just great Japanese films, but great and significant works within the total scope of World Cinema His tireless dedication to the material and perceptive insights are invaluable Its amazing how so many of these hundreds thousands of films still languish in relative obscurity while worldwide film markets are still dominated by many grossly overrated Hollywood films of the past and present In Chris D.s encyclopedia of Japanese Gangster films including some overlapping roman porno and period films treasure after filmic treasure is unearthed and examined Mostly great films here, mostly forgotten but there are popular works included that everyone knows as well as the inevitable garbage Going further, every single sub genre is covered and even the most peripheral films are included and indexed Chris D provides curt, concise commentary where he can and in doing so, cements himself as a leading authority on these films.Heroic work, by a great writer long overdue for recognition You need this book.

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    I was already a fan of Chris D s novels, but wasn t aware of his vast knowledge of Japanese gangster films until I saw and bought GUN AND SWORD It s an awesome feat of research that s fascinating to read whether you know a lot or a little about the genre If you only know a little, GUN AND SWORD will get you oriented And, if you are an aficionado of Yakuza movies, GUN AND SWORD is a true must have It s a terrific guide to the genre that I give an enthusiastic 5 star rating.

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    Hard to explain how important and incredible this Encyclopedia is It s a huge book with tons of pics and enormously well written information If it was in color, I would have paid pretty much anything up to 250 bucks Thank you so much Chris D.

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GUN AND SWORD: An Encyclopedia of Japanese Gangster Films 1955-1980Chris D began watching yakuza films, writing the initial drafts of GUN AND SWORD, the definitive encyclopedia of the Golden Age of Japanese gangster films, in 1990 In 1997, he traveled to Japan, doing research and collecting illustrations With 95% of the main text completed in 2002, several publishers were interested but only if the book was cut by 300 pages It still took another ten years for this astounding reference guide to come to final fruition in its unexpurgated form a fount of fascinating insights and information for both the seasoned Japanese genre film fan and the curious newcomer All types of the Japanese gangster movie made between 1955 1980 are covered the swordfighting ninkyo sagas set in the 1890 1940 period, the modern jitsuroku true story bloodbaths, the matatabi wandering samurai gambler pictures, plus the juvenile delinquent subgenres sukeban girl boss , taiyozoku sun tribe and bosozoku violent tribe or biker Complete with the original 2002 foreword written by famed yakuza film director Kinji Fukasaku The Yakuza Papers, Blackmail is My Life, Graveyard of Honor, Battle Royale , and literally hundreds of illustrations All movie genres deserve ardent completists as well as astute critical observers With Chris D the reader gets both His informed passion matches an eagle s eye for small but critically important details and cinematic literary historical industrial connections Rich in primary, groundbreaking research, GUN AND SWORD is an invaluable reference Stuart Galbraith IV, author of The Emperor and The Wolf The Lives and Films of Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune Chris D s exhaustive research and dry wit gives us the sense of a dark city detective leading us through the dangerous terrain of an exotic mysterypacked with rare stills and essential, new information on the genreit is an awesome tome in the true sense of the word Kier La Janisse, author of House of Psychotic Women