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  • (Inglés)
  • Greek and Roman Mosaics: Centurion Edition
  • Umberto Pappalardo
  • Inglés
  • 23 February 2017
  • 0789213397

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Greek and Roman Mosaics: Centurion EditionThe best illustrated survey of ancient mosaics, with unparalleled photography The accessible text is written by two respected classical archaeologists The original 125 edition of this book out of print has become a sought after collector s item Now this handsome unabridged edition is available for 75. I bought this as a gift for someone knowledgeable in the arts, but lacking knowledge in mosaic arts.They loved it and have been reading it steadily since then This person is also quite the amateur historian. Loved seeing how recognizable the pictures were, many seemed like people I had seen or met The subtlety with which they were created made them personable and like pointilism, pixels, quite modern. Most art history books ignore the art of mosaic They just mention it and with very small pictures, if you re lucky enough This book offers not only an excellent text but also enormous details to show the very different techniques used in these cultures Highly instructive Worth every penny quarter, euro, etc. A nicely detailed and illustrated history of the Greco Roman art of mosaics Many close up views of the mosaics The supporting text is well written and informative.