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Golfing Machine, the The front cover of this book makes the modest claim that it is The Computer Age Approach to Golfing Perfection Hmmmmmm I bought this book after reading two others, namely Homer Kelley s Golfing MachineandThe Impact Zone How to Hit Like the Pros The former is a biography of Homer Kelley It is well written, and describes the trials and tribulations of Homer Kelley s research into the golf swing The second book by Bobby Clampett is written by someone who was taught by an authorised Instructor in the STAR system invented by Homer Kelley Bobby Clampett had a brilliant junior career but couldn t maintain his form on the U.S Tour Nevertheless, I thought I should getThe Golfing Machineto see what all the fuss was about.It was pretty expensive, but to a certain extent the price reflects the price you pay for a piece of American Golfing History That said, I have only given it three stars because its claim to Golfing Perfection is clearly over the top If we learn visually, verbally and or kinaesthetically, this book only addresses the visual aspect of learning As such, it may suit P.G.A Instructors who can translate the visual images into a workable program But anyone wanting kinaesthetic instruction will have to look elsewhere.For example Core Performance Golf The Revolutionary Training and Nutrition Program for Success on and Off the Course This book concentrates on the physiological and nutritional aspects relating to golf I ve found this book really useful It persuaded me to switch from a C posture set up to an I posture set up This improved my consistency and eliminated back pain Now it is fair to say that this set up stance can be found in Homer Kelley s book But Homer doesn t tell you how to swing, whereas Mark Verstegen does.So with The Golfing Machine you get the form but not the function And there is nothing on the Mental, Emotional or Social Side For this you have to getEvery Shot Must Have a Purpose In addition, there is nothing on the equipment side So only three stars. Where do I start to sum up the life s work of Homer Kelley He felt strongly enough about golf to allow his legacy to be spent on the sport Given he was never an acclaimed professional golfer or writer, every reader should be pleasantly surprised The concept of taking an everyday activity and dissecting the movements into focused components in terms of limiting variability is unique yet logically simple He clearly spells out how to read the work and what to get out of each section This is a great resource in parts and in whole You easily understand how this can relate to all forms of learning and it really does take a lot of the mystery away from replicating swings and muscle memory Very enjoyable even at the higher price than Stack and Tilt I thank those authors for highlighting this reference early in their work Glad to see Homer s life s work has led many to better golf and perhaps even a higher quality of life A must read for anyone who wants to problem solve and understand mechanics and motion in detail It may even improve your scores Thanks Mr Kelley I have been playing golf for 25 years and have over 120 DVD s and books on the game I play off a handicap of 7 It has taken me 3 years and an number of attempts to completely read and begin to apply to principles of this amazing book I also have had to benefit of an authorised instructor of TGM to assist me understand the subtleties of book Having said this, the book is not for all as it will only appeal to those who truly want to confront the complexity and technical difficulty pure ball striking in a consistent manner In the last months, I have not played much golf but have scored regularly in the mid 70 s, with consistent ball striking The reason for this is the ability to begin to harness the feeling in the hands of four pressure points and their associated accumulators and the true direction of loading and release I don t see TGM as complex in its information, but it is difficult to navigate However, the book is a brilliant piece of work. Great book, but I did not receive a hardcover version Disappointing since I paid a premium for a solid copy I d return it, but I bought it as a gift and don t have the time to get a replacement Interesting and helpful, although at times seems over analyzed In general, a worthwhile read, esp for a former engineer Now I ll try to apply the theory lessons. Kelley claimed this book is a textbook, and is written in the corresponding style Well, it is somewhat like a textbook, but the organization of the material is needlessly arbitrary, and the keys to productive study are inadequate However, it contains a report of an exhausitive and insightful study of the golf swing and all realistic variations I wish one of the Authorized Instructors would write a guide to study That would be helpful. Exactly as I expected Well done. Book by Kelley Homer Great book fun to recommend I returned the book with no problems simply because I found it overwhelming and I have a Master s degree in engineering If one were designing golf clubs or golf balls, it would certainly be useful But I found it to be a grand example of PhD dissertation.

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