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    Experimentation can be great, but all this did was give me a migraine Art is, sometimes, the permission to do absolutely whatever you want and, despite the results, feel good about it Case in point.

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    can t wait to read it

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goghs again thru Chapbook by Julia DrescherPublished as part of Womb Poetry VolHives and Covens

  • e-chap (pdf)
  • goghs again thru
  • Julia Drescher
  • 03 July 2019

About the Author: Julia Drescher

Julia Drescher lives in Maxwell, TX, where she co edits Dos Press with C.J Martin She s also a contributing editor for Little Red Leaves www.littleredleaves.com A chapbook, Mock Martyrs Abound, is out from dancing girl press Another chapbook is forthcoming from the Dusie Kollectiv Other work may be found, or will be found, in the following Cranky, WOMB, the tiny, goodfoot, The Colorado review, zafusy, P Queue, FOURSQUARE, Broke w CJ Martin.