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    This is only one half of an introduction to God It is a heartfelt testimony of belief in God by a priest and professor of divinity The theme that runs throughout the book is the mystical via negativa of a God who can never be named described or properly known but who we do nevertheless know and feel The first chapter rehearses the does God exist debate with the atheists The second chapter is a passionate defence of why people do and must believe in God That job done the rest of the book is a scout around comparative religion with five chapters covering respectively an introduction to the Old Testament Jesus and the New Testament together with some development of Christian doctrines Islam Indian religions and finally Mysticism This last brings the subject back to conclude with John Bowker s endearing mystical and inclusive vision of God in which he invites all to join.Had this book been issued by a religious publishing house as a personal testimony it could serve as standard fare for candidates for the priesthood But proclaimed by OUP for a wide general audience anyone wanting a stimulating way into a new subject it is a distinctly restricted introduction.That restriction names the quandary presented to OUP in commissioning a book on God You can either commission an eminent theologian in which case you will get one set of material Or you can commission a sociologist, in which case you will get another set of material.What sort of content is missing from this half an introduction to God A sociological approach is that it is natural for theologians to conclude that God is a mystery because they search for it out there in the universe rather than down here in the world God is the keystone in an archway of meaning by which humans create orientation in a universe that is morally indifferent to their existence and is incomprehensible God represents an answer to the fundamental human questions What is it all about Who am I Where am I going Even atheists have to answer those questions and therefore construct their religious orientation God the placement of human life in a meaningful relationship to itself and to others is the privilege and necessity of atheists as much as religious people The current tiresome standoff between atheism and religion is a culturally induced fraud.The subject matter generated by this approach is the analysis of the many different types of God according to the different materials available to construct meaning such as the personifications variously of nature Greek Gaia and her revival in today s Wicca and feminist ecogoddess the mechanics of the universe Pythagoras evolution modern process theology fate Calvin the fortunes of the tribe Hebrew.Gods are classified additionally according to the method by which they resolve the problem of evil Gods are also examined for their cultural synergy The same Christian God, for instance, in America both justified and opposed slavery, in South Africa justified apartheid, and in general God has been a prop to patriarchy Bowker s God is the new liberal version while the apocalyptic version serves the fundamentalists Some treatment is needed about why Gods are synonymous with authority Human meaning making in an indifferent universe is fragile and Gods are invested with authority as security against that void.I have rated this book two stars not because of any complaint about John Bowker s writing which leaves nothing to be desired I admire his irenic openness to all religions and his sincere attachment to the faith The two stars go to OUP for truncating the content The book ought to be reissued under a different title perhaps, an introduction to comparative religion or my personal testimony to God.

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    Nice little introduction book on the topic of God.

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    Nobody defines who or what God is, this book is easy to read and comprehensive

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    Another very good VSI Eclectic and even handed

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    Very pleased with book and delivery

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    an ambitious topic

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    A good intro course on God with a bit of detail from the manuals of the Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus The Muslim cry, Allahu Akbar, means literally God is greater whatever we say or think about God must always end with the equivalent words so common in Christian history, Deus semper maior, God is always greater than anything we can say or imagine.

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    excellent copy

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    How folks around the world worship God through traditional belief systems is the crux of the book Have a glance to understand theological implications of God.

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    A not so veiled apologist Read the last two paragraphs.

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God: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) (English Edition) Who or what is God How do different religions interpret Gods existence How can we know God Many people believe in God not just throughout history but also in the present day But who or what is it they believe in Many different and sometimes conflicting answers have been suggested to this question This Very Short Introduction explores some of the answers provided by philosophers, poets, and theologians, and considers why some people believe in God and others do notJohn Bowker explores how the major religions established their own distinctive beliefs about God and how they interpret Gods existence, and concludes by looking at how our understanding of God continues to evolveABOUT THE SERIES The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area These pocket sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable

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