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Game Anim: Video Game Animation Explained What Makes The Difference Between Great Video Game Animation And The Purely Functional, And How Does This Relatively New Medium Of Non Linear Animation Creation Differ From The Traditional Fields Of Film And Television This Book De Mystifies The Animation Side Of Game Development, Explaining Every Step Of The Process While Providing Valuable Insights And Work Philosophies For Creating The Best Game Animation For Beginners And Professionals Alike Taking Readers Through A Complete Game Production, This Book Provides A Clear Understanding Of Expectations Of The Game Animator At Every Stage, Featuring Game Animation Fundamentals And How They Fit Within An Overall Project To Offer A Holistic Approach To The Field Of Game Animation Key Features Accumulated Knowledge Based On Nearly Two Decades Of Insightful Experience In All Areas Of Video Game Animation Establishes The Fundamentals Of Creating Great Video Game Animation, And How To Achieve Them A Step By Step Explanation Of Every Stage Of A Game Production From The Animator S Perspective Readers Should Come Away With An Understanding Of The Expectations Of A Video Game Animator

5 thoughts on “Game Anim: Video Game Animation Explained

  1. Sicnarf Sicnarf says:

    The book covers too many broad topics on game animation, but without actually breaking down the particular topic For example the part about walk cycles, most of the things are written like a broad note on walk cycle in general, but without supporting images or diagrams to actually provide an insight to what the author meant.I also find the first half and the last few chapters to be easily googled, and only the middle to near end chapters to actually begin to cover g

  2. Chris L Chris L says:

    I ve been a professional video game animator for 13 years and I ve never seen such a comprehensive collection of game animation knowledge in one place before There is now finally a definitive book on the subject The author is a well respected animator still working in the field, so the information presented is both accurate and up to date with current practices I highly recommend it for anyone either working in the industry or aspiring to one day.

  3. Emily Juliet Katske Emily Juliet Katske says:

    I m an animator within the game development industry and I want to start by saying that Game Anim Video Game Animation Explained is an accurate, well written, and thorough book detailing everything you need to know if you want to become an animator for video games.Video game animation is a difficult, technical process and both indie and AAA development needs an in depth understanding of the entire process from start to finish Game Anim Video Game Animation Explained is a phenom

  4. Czapens Czapens says:

    Jonathan Cooper has always been a role model for animators to follow His animations in Naughty Dog s games are top notch, fluid, and thought through to deliver both the action and the emotional subtleties Now, this book explains the road and the technical difficulties animators must face especially those difficulties that require mo cap, getting those animations to work in game engines, blends, rigging animators should learn the basics and a whole lot You also have a chapter for put

  5. Loris Vodeb Loris Vodeb says:

    Written with great care and completeness, the book provides a lot of insight into game animation After reading it, I can easily see it being a go to manual regarding the subject for years to come.

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