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Full Moon Selected From Among The Thousands Of Photographs Taken By Apollo Astronauts During The Moon Expeditions, A Stunning Array Of Black And White And Full Color Photos Offers A Composite Space Voyage To Earth S Satellite, From Liftoff To Moon Landing To Return Home , First Printing

6 thoughts on “Full Moon

  1. Carlos Carlos says:

    Las fotos m s espectaculares de todas las misiones Apollo, reunidas en un precioso libro, bien impreso y encuadernado Soberbio, sin m s.

  2. Teemacs Teemacs says:

    I really wondered whether I could justify a book of photos of the Moon s surface, which, after all, had been done to death by NASA during the Moon landing years we all really became a bit blas about the whole business, forgetting what an astounding technical achievement it was for the time, with the primitive computers they had then I m glad I bought it these are real

  3. 2-D 2-D says:

    This is a beautiful book It is a series of photos from various Apollo missions, put together in a way to illustrate a voyage from Earth to the moon it s worth the extra.

  4. Jose Jose says:

    Full Moon is a selection of about one hundred pictures of different lunar american missions The selection and the digital improvement has been made by Michael Light, and all has been done from an artistic perspective.If you re looking for a very comprehensive lunar mission day to day, interviews with astronauts or a nice reproduction of that picture, this is not definit

  5. D. Vance D. Vance says:

    Great book of black and white photos, the book is smaller than I expected but very high quality, almost no text.

  6. Robert LaPorta Robert LaPorta says:

    awesome book stunning moon images great coffee table book

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