From the Sunshine State: Photographs of Florida Prime –

From the Sunshine State: Photographs of Florida Come del resto tutti i libri di Webb un libro stupendo, lo ho preso usato me in perfette condizioni veramente ad un buon prezzo, visto che i sui libri nuovi sono inavvicinabili. a fantastic journey Renowned Photographer Alex Webb Captures In This Volume The Unique Atmosphere Of Florida The High Camp Fashion World Of Miami Beach, The Latin American World Of South Florida, And The Leisure World Of Vacationers, But Also The Worlds Of Migrant Laborers And New Immigrants, Of Suburbanites And Rural Peoples This Eclectic And Occasionally Funny Collection Reveals A Different Side Of The Sunshine State, A Side Usually Hidden Behind Picture Perfect Beaches And Pristine Art Deco Architecture.These Vivid And Compelling Images Question The Nature Of Our Assumptions About The World Of Florida Webb S Florida Seems At Once So Familiar And Yet So Strange His Ironic, Impressionistic Record Of The Passage Of Life Sweeps The State From Fort Pierce And Daytona Beach To Key Largo, Suwanee And Apalachicola To Disney World.Among The Photographs That Reveal The Texture Of Life In This Beachfront State Are Unique Juxtapositions A Key Deer Walking Along The Road In Big Pine Key, A Nightclub Dancer Atop A Tank Of Sharks, A Mysterious Hand Reaching From A Grave But Images Typically Associated With Florida Have Their Place As Well Beach Front Parties, Miniature Golf Courses Webb S Accompanying Text Complements The Photographs With A Description Of His Physical And Emotional Journeys In The Sunshine State.

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