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Forensic Science I don t think this book is child friendly at all My seven year old got it for Christmas from a well meaning family member, but reading this book has sent him into a tailspin of what if scenarios I wish I had checked it out prior to his grabbing it to read on his own for a bit at bedtime The illustrations are disturbing to me, quite frankly I don t see any reason for a child to read about a murder of another child with an illustration of the child wrapped in a blanket Or for them to see a forensic lab with an illustration of a severed leg This book will be going away until my son can handle reading about it without being kept up at bedtime with his imagination running wild. This book is interesting and does a good job of describing the use of forensic science in solving crimes As another reader claims, it does not show anything gory in photographs However, there are many case files presented through brief case descriptions and also comic book style that describe very gruesome crimes In the first chapter there is a description of how forensic science was used to identify human remains that had been dissolved by a serial murderer in a bathtub full of acid There are a few cases of theft a bank robbery, for example , but most of the crimes involve murder, including a story of a child being kidnapped and murdered and a young man killing his parents and cutting up their bodies An interesting book for an older teen or adult to learn about forensic science but I would definitely not put this in the hands of a younger child Our K 8 school library purchased this book and did not review it before putting it on the shelves A 9 year old boy informed us it was age inappropriate We looked into it and were HORRIFIED There is a tale of a small boy being kidnapped and murdered, graphic images of severed limbs and miscellaneous axe murderers and assorted horror I cannot for the life of me fathom how this age range was chosen We have withdrawn the book from our library shelves and are hoping the parent of this boy will forgive us. Explains How Forensic Scientists Use Different Evidence To Solve Crimes, And Presents True Crime Cases In Comic Book Format

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