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Fisch and Spehlmann's EEG Primer: Basic Principles of Digital and Analog EEG, 3e Organized To Serve As A Resource For Those Just Beginning To Learn EEG As Well As Those Who Are Already Experienced, It Contains Concise Presentations Of The Fundamentals Of EEG Technology And Interpretation As Well As An Up To Date Review Of The Latest Digital EEG Technology And EEG Clinical CorrelationsUnlike Other EEG Textbooks, The Second Half Of This Book Is Uniquely Organized According To EEG Findings Rather Than Individual Disorders This Is The Best Practical Approach To Learning Interpretation Because It Mirrors The Actual Practice Of EEG, The EEGer Is Confronted By EEG Patterns, Not Diagnoses All Other Textbooks Organize Findings According To Clinical Disorder The Book Contains Sufficient Information To Serve As A Laboratory Manual The Appendices Contain The American Clinical Neurophysiology Society Guidelines For EEG And The International Federation Of Clinical Neurophysiology GlossaryEach Chapter Begins With A Summary Of Major Concepts An Overview Of EEG Can Be Quickly Obtained By Those Beginning The Study Of EEG By Simply Reading The Introductory Summaries Of All Chapters Before Reading The Contents Of The Chapters

5 thoughts on “Fisch and Spehlmann's EEG Primer: Basic Principles of Digital and Analog EEG, 3e

  1. EEGer EEGer says:

    Probably this is the best comprehensive EEG book for every neuro specialists Including techs, students, fellows, MDs, NPs etc This book conclude all need to know and beyond info

  2. Marie Hall Marie Hall says:

    This book was recommended to me by the neurologist that is head of the EMU lab for epilepsy I am finding it very interesting and helpful with my nursing practice.

  3. Weir Mitchell Weir Mitchell says:

    This is a neuro classic for residents but 11 years out I still pick thru it to update I could use a better reference appendix, and I question the flow and layout Other than that, essential Best of its kind.

  4. whitekat whitekat says:

    It helped me to get my registry, thanks.

  5. Yousif Hassan Yousif Yousif Hassan Yousif says:

    Very useful and informative text The best companion for higher certificates and clinical practice of neurology I m so contented with it

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