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Fields of Fire (Frontlines Book 5) Kloos hits the ground running in this newest Frontline adventure Andrew Grayson is called back into service after an all too brief respite, and this time the field of fire is the Lanky home world, Mars Powered armor, nuclear warfare, and bit of grand theft auto combine for a thrilling tale of battle in space The Lanky are a daunting enemy, and they are certainly capable of doing great harm however, they lack the depth of a true villain That isnt what a frontline soldier is concerned with, though, and this book is all front line Close combat, follow orders, and make the drop ship home This story will appeal to fans of hard sf, especially those who have a very pro military stanceMarko Kloos has been a rising star in the world of military science fiction His ongoing Frontlines series is a lot of fun, set in a futuristic Earth besieged by an alien civilization known as the Lankies Thus far in the series, humanity has been waging a losing battle, and the aliens have taken Mars The time has come to strike, and major combined fleet action is underway This series kicks ass, and its been building to this book The VergeFrontlines is earnest, optimistic, and fun, even as it deals with subject matter thats intrinsically grim Its a story that strikes the perfect balance between escapism and serious reflection, and its the perfect military sci fi series to escape into for a week or two The Verge

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