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Exploring Color Photography: From Film to Pixels (English Edition) eBook: Robert Hirsch: Amazon.es: Tienda Kindle Thoroughly User Friendly , Exploring Color Photography Is An Ideal Instructional Textbook For College And University Level Photography Curriculums And Should Be Considered A Critically Important Acquisition For Professional And Academic Library Photography Instructional Reference Collections And Supplemental Studies Reading Lists Michael J Carson, The Midwest Book ReviewRobert Hirschs Exploring Color Photography Is The Thinking Photographers Guide To Color Imagemaking Now In Its Sixth Edition, This Pioneering Text Clearly And Concisely Instructs Students And Intermediate Photographers In The Fundamental Aesthetic And Technical Building Blocks Needed To Create Thought Provoking Digital And Analog Color Photographs Taking Both A Conceptual And Pragmatic Approach, The Book Avoids Getting Bogged Down In Complex, Ever Changing Technological Matters, Allowing It To Stay Fresh And EngagingKnown As The Bible Of Color Photography, Its Stimulating Assignments Encourage Students To Be Adventurous And To Take Responsibility For Learning And Working Independently The Emphasis On Design And Postmodern Theoretical Concepts Stresses The Thought Process Behind The Creation Of Intriguing Images Its Extensive And Inspiring Collection Of Images And Accompanying Captions Allow Makers To Provide Insight Into How Photographic Methodology Was Utilized To Visualize And Communicate Their ObjectivesThe Text Continues To Deliver Inspiring Leadership In The Field Of Color Photography With The Latest Accurate Information, Ideas, Commentary, History, A Diverse Collection Of Contemporary Images, And Expanded Cellphone Photography CoverageA Problem Solving And Writing Chapter Offers Methods And Exercises That Help One Learn To Be A Visual Problem Solver And To Discuss And Write Succinctly About The Concepts At The Foundation Of Ones WorkExploringcolorphotography, The Companion Website, Has Been Revamped And Updated To Feature Student And Teacher Resources, Including A New Web Based Timeline As It Happened A Chronological History Of Color Photography

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  1. Wayne E. Bretl Wayne E. Bretl says:

    Exploring is the word I don t expect to ever read this book completely It is certainly not for a beginner, unless you are determined to set off on a year long course of exploration I could see this book as the only subject for a full year of art school Each chapter is a heavy mix of art, technology, and student exercises, enough to consume all your waking hours for an extended

  2. mariak mariak says:

    Very interesting with a lot of information on using film Color info was useful

  3. Babette55 Babette55 says:

    As expected.

  4. Coco Coco says:

    photography class.

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