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  • eTextbook
  • 344 pages
  • Experimental Neutron Scattering
  • B T M Willis
  • English
  • 09 January 2019
  • 0199673772

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Experimental Neutron Scattering The first systematic experiments in neutron scattering were carried out in the late s using fission reactors built for the nuclear power programme Crystallographers were amongst the first to exploit the new technique, but they were soon followed by condensed matter physicists and chemists Engineers and biologists are the most recent recruits to the club of neutron users The aim of the book is to provide a broad survey of the experimental activities of all these users There are many specialist monographs describing particular examples of the application of neutron scattering fourteen of such monographs have been published already in the Oxford University Press series edited by S Lovesey and E Mitchell However this book will appeal to newcomers to the field of neutron scattering, who may be intimidated by the bewildering array of instruments at central facilities such as the Institut Laue Langevin in France, the ISIS Laboratory in the UK, or the PSI Laboratory in Switzerland , and who may be uncertain as to which instrument to use

About the Author: B T M Willis

Professor B T M Willis 1953 1956 GEC Research Laboratory, London 1956 1984 Harwell Research Laboratory 1984 2007 Dept of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Oxford Life membership of British Crystallographic Association, 2001 Professor C J Carlile 1973 JRC Ispra Italy 1974 1975 Neutron Beam Research Unit, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory 1975 1977 Institut Laue Langevin, Grenoble 1978 1998 ISIS pulsed Neutron Source, RAL 1999 2006 Directory of Institut Laue Langevin 2006 Lund University, Sweden Glazebrook Medal of the Institute of Physics, London Honorary D Sc University of Birmingham