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Everything for Early Learning, Grade Pk Everything for Early Learning provides the tools you need to help your child get ready for Pre K or perfect to use as a review before Kindergarten This book includes a variety of colorful activities designed to teach basic Pre K skills and concepts Publisher Carson Delosa is very popular among early childhood development teachers The activities follow guidelines set for early learning standards in math, language arts, and basic skills The variety of topics include 1 Sizes and shapes 2 Numbers and counting 3 Letters and sounds 4 Reading readiness 5 Writing readiness.My daughter is a certified elementary teacher and she helped me review this workbook while working with her 4 year old son who will be going into Pre K this year.We really liked how colorful the activities are noting the backgrounds are bland white and do not distract from the actual learning She feels the book is teaching the appropriate skills for the grade level.The math section concentrates on counting It includes numerous activities Where your child draws a certain number of items to match the number indicated One simple concept on each page It also includes lessons on specific shapes where a page of different pictures of everyday items where your child matches according to their shape.The language arts section teaches basic sounds An example lesson includes pictures of different objects that need to be colored if they match the correct beginning sounds.It also includes a section on basic skills that concentrates on the small motor skills necessary to hold and use a pencil Activities include tracing and specific angles and strokes that are parts of letters.We recommend you work with your child as the instructions require the ability to read An older child could also work with your child The book includes 256 activities with an answer key at the end.Great book, perfect activities to get your child ready for Pre K. This is a great resource for fine tuning the skills that a toddler will need going into and throughout 4K The publisher rates this book for 4 5 year old children, and I agree with that assessment There are a wide variety of activities, and while my 4 year old son is not interested capable of doing all of them, we find it fun to flip through and do the activities that seem interesting to him My son thinks it is amazing that he has a book that he gets to write and draw on As indicated on the back cover, this book supports early learning standards for math, language arts, and basic skills The topics include sizes and shapes numbers and counting letters and sounds reading readiness writing readinessAs an example, one page shows, Count the children Write that number on each tent The first illustration shows a tent with no children The next shows a tent with one child The next shows a tent with two childrenand so on This teaches children to analyze the situation, and it also works on counting as well as writing numbers.On another page, it shows a blue pot with the number 3 written on it, and a red pot with written on it, and a space for writing the quantity The caption reads, Draw 3 seeds in the blue pot Draw seeds in the red pot Write the number.This could easily be used in a formal reading environment with appropriate permission since the pages are perforated for easy removal The last pages contain the answer key, showing the correct answer. Everything For Early Learning For Prekindergarten Provides Activities To Help Children Learn These Essential Concepts Sizes Shapes Numbers Letters Sounds Reading And Writing ReadinessThis Math And Language Arts Workbook Supports Current State Standards.Everything For Early Learning Provides Children With The Tools They Need To Think Critically, Solve Problems, And Succeed In School This Workbook For Prekindergarten Guides Children Through A Variety Of Colorful, Engaging Activities Each Activity Supports Early Learning Standards For Math, Language Arts, And Basic Skills An Exceptional Addition To At Home Preschool Curriculum, Everything For Early Learning Covers These Foundational Skills And Concepts Sizes And Shapes Numbers And Counting Letters And Sounds Reading Readiness Writing ReadinessThe Everything For Early Learning Series Offers Creative Math And Language Arts Activities That Promote A Fun Approach To Learning With Everything For Early Learning, Children Start Their Educational Journey Equipped With Skills For Success

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