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Everyday Watercolor Flowers: A Modern Guide to Painting Blooms, Leaves, and Stems Step by Step Author of Everyday Watercolor and Instagram darling Jenna Rainey presents a beautiful step by step guide to painting botanicals from lilies to daffodils in a wide variety of styles Artist Jenna Rainey shares easy to follow ways to paint a wide range of botanicals, all in her fresh, modern style that appeals to the next generation of watercolor artists and creatives, from beginners to hobbyists With gorgeously illustrated instructions for both loose and realistic watercolor depictions ofthan 25 flowers, leaves, and plants, organized by form and shape, Everyday Watercolor Flowers is every nature lover s answer to capturing that beauty on paper.

5 thoughts on “Everyday Watercolor Flowers: A Modern Guide to Painting Blooms, Leaves, and Stems Step by Step

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    I m looking forward to working through this book over the summer The beautiful flower on the front cover is not one of the projects included in the book I was also hoping for of the typical Jenna style loose floral arrangements like the beautiful wreath next to the cover page, the arrangement next to the introduction or the arrangement next to the afterword page None of these are included as projects Perhaps a spiral bound book would have made it easier for readers to trace the line drawings using a light box They are really close to the spine I appreciate that there are lessons for both beginners and advanced learners It also includes both loose and realistic styles of individual flowers I m looking forward to the Iris and Hellebores Update I decided to return my book after reading one of Jenna s Instagram posts where she describes her business as an art empire and refers to herself as one of the top creative educators of our day I love Jenna s paintings, and I love her confidence but that made me cringe Those statements are quite a stretch and quite conceited There are so many watercolor artists who give very clear step by step instructions, who are so talented, and also humble Louise de Masi, Sarah Cray, Sarah Simon, Annie Mertlich, Emma Block, for example I would prefer to support these artists who seem to love teaching as opposed to building empires.

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    I m so so tired of authors and publishers releasing books about watercolor or other art medium with a cover illustration that is NOT included It s a misleading and dishonest practice and while I enjoyed Jenna Rainey s first watercolor book, I will be returning this one There are several large illustrations in the book that are not included in the instructions or projects If you are familiar with Jenna Rainey s work and instagram, I would forewarn that the majority of the book s projects looks nothing like Jenna s style.Also of concern The first third of the book is so similar to her first book, I m not sure why it was included and a bit annoying, as I own that one Several of the project templates and instructions are placed too near the spine of the book, creating a dysfunctional layout for an art book The instructions themselves are NOT step by step at least don t expect illustrated instructions that you can follow along with At times they are confusing, and they are all in long paragraph form with no illustrations to accompany the actual steps.All in all, a very disappointing second book by Ms Rainey Will be returning, as I already have several floral watercolor books that are amazing and detailed for realistic flowers I was hoping for a book filled with the types of illustrations she features on her instagram, and was left wanting.

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    Let me preface this by saying I m a huge Jenna Rainey fan, however this book was a pretty huge miss for me When I think Jenna Rainey and flowers, realistic flowers don t come to mind The loose arrangement in my photo comes to mind That is the style I was hoping to learn I think some of the loose style florals look lackluster and like an afterthought I am thoroughly disappointed after watching her paint stuff for her book all last year and seeing virtually none of it in her book Must mention that the cover illustration is also not included.I gave the book two stars because it s decent quality and instruction for the price but I d give her the publisher one or no stars because this is not the Jenna Rainey brand she s been putting out to us over the years Hoping that the next book content is on brand.

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    First of all, who publishes a book with a beautiful cover image and then doesn t include it in the inside of the book The floral sketches are helpful, but it seems as though the painting instruction goes a little like this Sketch the flower as shown, apply a wash of color Add the shading and details There is very little step by step instruction Not what I was expecting.

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    This is a decent book, probably one of the best watercoloring books I have I guess my expectations were to high because I am disappointed in the graphics Her explanations are somewhat confusing, they would have been clearer if accompanied by directional drawings Quite a miss for a graphic designer.She does include contour drawings of the flowers but they are printed too close to the binding to be useful for duplication That s a major sin in art books Her finished flowers are all well centered on the page but the steps to create the flowers look like afterthought.I will use this book to work on my painting I love Jenna Rainey s video tutorials and just expected as much from her book The book is worth 13.

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