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Endgame Vol.1: The Problem of Civilization: The Problem of Civilization v. 1 Good read Check it out. This is one of the best books of cultural criticism I ve read, although I fundamentally disagree with its proposed solutions It contains an abundance of counterculture ideas, clothed in empassioned rhetoric, beautiful metaphors, and eye opening facts, backed by good research But it should be taken cum grano salis with a grain of salt.Nietzsche observes that, if you want to know why a philosopher thinks the way he does, you should look to his life story The biographical influence on an individual s philosophy is nowhere apparent than with Derrick Jensen Jensen was physically abused by his father as a child, and now he s angry Angry at the dominant, patriarchal incarnation of civilization Seeking vengenace Violently so.I don t discount what Jensen says because of his backstory, but backstory has to be kept in mind while reading his work Because his work is radical criticism, calling for widespread violence against those Jensen perceives as the oppressors In essence, this means violence against anyone in power who happens to disagree with him Yes, I realize the dominant culture is committing a great deal of violence against nature and its people But I do not condone mass violence, and Jensen s furious absolutism borders on insanity.Jensen is an excellent writer He helps the reader crash through the lies of civilization He s highly perceptive and his commentary is always engaging He has an unassuming, accessible, friendly style He provides a powerful critique of civilization He pulls back the curtains on what few of us can see or would dare to question His indignance is an eloquent cry against our culture of death He exposes the horrors of our modern era.But, like Marx, his critique fails to provide a viable or inspiring vision for the human future His solution calling for the violent destruction of civilization and a return to nature is regressive and denies humanity the privilege of using its creative and intellectual faculties to explore and progress At stake with civilization and economy are the quality of the lives of the people of earth and the natural, living systems of earth But at stake in all of this, too, is the future of our species.I do not want us to regress and resign to a life of passive, primitive harmony with the land whether this ever was or could be possible is another question I want us to forge ahead to a new synthesis between man and earth, a mature state of development where we can live as conscious stewards of our planet Jensen s black and white assessment of civilization denies humanity a possible future The only way, for him, is to turn back to an innocent, Rousseau esque state of nature.Consider, also Jensen s idyllic view of nature is only made possible by our conquering of it through technology 10,000 years ago, before civilization, nature was a terrible force represented by wrathful gods We may have sung hymns to the redwoods, red and Port Orford cedars, alders, and cascara the Del Norte, Olympic, slender, and Pacific giant salamanders the Pacific tree and northern red legged frogs, etc But there were also plenty of things in nature to fear Above all, nature was a cruel and indifferent force that we had to vigilantly pray to and battle with just to eke out a meager existence, before our lives were cruelly cut short by sicknesses we knew nothing about Nature as the Arcadian paradise of Jensen s imagination is pure fantasy.Jensen s criticisms are excellent in a myopic way but rather than panicking and reacting quickly with violence, maybe it s better to keep things in perspective and try to understand where the human spirit is moving.Yes, there s a great deal of injustice in the system, but that doesn t mean we should blow it all up and throw away all of our achievements in the process Maybe a healthier, mature view recognizes that human civilization is a living process that the Earth is trying to give birth to something through us That we are growing through a phase of injustice and only starting to become aware of how our way of life taxes the Earth s systems and that we can grow beyond injustice and develop a sustainable, supportive, compassionate way of life.Rather than simplistic, black and white views civilization is not sustainable technology is bad nature is good what if we considered how civilization could be sustainable Because we have progressed to a point where destroying everything would not only involve a great deal of suffering and would also be a great loss to conscious evolution on our planet not to mention it being nearly impossible to stop the juggernaut of mass society why not ask how we could transform the world for the better without completely dismantling it Jensen seems to be fixated on violence and destruction and its rational justification His solutions are a juvenile and regressive Hulk Smash approach that lack imagination, sophistication, or subtlety Destroying everything is not the answer.Jensen says he s not writing for those who disagree with him, and that he has no patience for disagreement I tried to contact him via email and facebook regarding my criticisms of his work, and I got no response This childish arrogance and inability to entertain alternatives suggests Jensen is not interested in reason, and it s a huge discredit to his writing.Ultimately, the way forward for humanity comes down to a question of identity How do we define humanity If we re merely animals, condemned to die on this planet like monkeys and other beasts, then regressing to a pre civilization state might make sense But if we re something if we re an evolving consciousness capable of astonishing feats of genius that could transcend the injustices he speaks of and expand out into the universe don t we have an obligation to strive toward that potential with all of our might The long awaited companion piece to Derrick Jensen s immensely popular and highly acclaimed works A Language Older Than Words and The Culture of Make Believe Accepting the increasingly widespread belief that industrialized culture inevitably erodes the natural world, Endgame sets out to explore how this relationship impels us towards a revolutionary and as yet undiscovered shift in strategy Building on a series of simple but increasingly provocative premises, Jensen leaves us hoping for what may be inevitable a return to agrarian communal life via the disintegration of civilization itself It took than one volume to go through all this For those of you thinking of buying the book, here is a complete summary of its contents The world is kinda ecologically screwedThat s the sum total, yes it s lovely to read of examples of obscure species of animals becoming extinct because we want to have Ikea furniture and electric cars, but Ikea is such good value and those electric cars are just so kitsch Derrick Jensen makes a good point, but he misses one vital, vital aspect of the coming revolution He makes the mistake of sitting on the side of the non violent.Don t spend an entire book explaining how nature is based on violence and then pussy out when it comes to blowing up an electricity pilon Nature is violent, civilisation is violent, do you think the proponents of the system act in a non violent way when seizing land or bulldozing forests or removing people from the homes under foreclosure No Stop advocating non violence, we all know the revolution will only come with a huge strike on mainland America The revolution has to be violent because the system is violent.Don t bother reading the book, if you already think the world might be a bit screwed because of the unjust power system and the unethical and anti ecological way that the western world functions, then you are right Maybe buy the book, soak it in petrol and use it to set fire to a bank But for the love of God don t bother reading it.Come on Derrick, man up and DO something already Start a fire, blow up a dam, knock down a bank Anything other than write volumes of this book He looks at things from a variety of approaches May be helpful to someone trying to formulate their thought in this area. Great book Recommend Has a documentary based on this book END CIV examines our culture s addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and probes the resulting epidemic of poisoned landscapes and shell shocked nations Based in part on Endgame, the best selling book by Derrick Jensen, END CIV asks If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests, poisoned the water and air, and contaminated the food supply, would you resist Looking at the world I ve come to know and others have come to love, pulling asside the veil of submission to see what path we have been directed down and hinting at its final destination At the same time bringing awareness to a different healthier reality that has been lost with time, but can be claimed again. The most important book written in our lifetime.Derrick is a bit of a downer himself, but the message is the only message for our time.this book draws a line in the sand. This is one of the best and most important books I have read Jensen states certain premises about our modern industrialized society and then goes on to explain and give examples of their working It is both uncomfortable and inspiring I would make this a text book for all schools it could shake us out of our torpid state. This book will thoroughly disgust and annoy anyone who things that the world is fine and that they aren t hurting anyone But for anyone who has the nagging feeling that something just isn t right with the way that most of us live.and for anyone with an open and inquisitive mind, this book will strike a chord with every page I challenge anyone with a balanced intellect to read this and not find themselves reluctantly agreeing with everything Jensen says.It s certainly not comfortable reading at at times it s even just a vitriolic rant but it s all the better for it and I came away feeling some of this guy s passion and rage at what he writes about And what he writes about is us All of us and everything we do.None of us are separate from the world s problems and none of us are free of blame In fact, we re all up to our necks in it