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Emergency Vascular Surgery: A Practical Guide This Book Provides Clear, Concise Guidance On The Surgical Management Of All Kinds Of Emergent Vascular Problems And Focuses In Particular On Open Surgical Strategies The Aim Is To Provide A Combined Text And Hands On Guide That Will Permit Rapid Retrieval Of Information When Treating Vascular Surgical Patients In The Emergency Room Emergency Vascular Surgery A Practical Guide Is Organized Into Two Sections, On Specific Body Areas And General Concepts The First Section Covers The Body From Head To Toe, With Separate Chapters For Injuries And Non Traumatic Disease, While The Second Discusses General Principles Relating To Emergent Vascular Surgical Practice And Provides Broad Vascular Surgical Guidelines For The Inexperienced Surgeon Chapters In The First Section Are Uniformly Organized, Addressing Incidence, Etiology, And Pathophysiology Clinical Presentation Suggestions For Workup And Diagnosis And Management And Treatment Initial Management, Selection Of Patients For Emergent Surgery, And The Performance Of Common Vascular Surgical Procedures Are All Carefully Explained The Focus On A Hands On Approach And Practical Tips Will Be Invaluable In The Clinical Setting For Both Experienced Surgeons And Newcomers To The Field

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  1. kenny mac kenny mac says:

    This text provides an excellent overview of the diagnosis and treatment of surgical emergencies commonly encountered in the field of vascular surgery It is well organized by specific body areas and there is a section on general concepts that will be especially useful to those in residency and fellowship training or beginning a vascular surgical career The excellent illustrations help to augment the text.

  2. vascdoc vascdoc says:

    Contains an excellent overview of vascular emergencies well organized, succint, with excellent illustrations A great book to help review the managment of vascular emergencies.

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