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Efficient R Programming: A Practical Guide to Smarter Programming There Are Many Excellent R Resources For Visualization, Data Science, And Package Development Hundreds Of Scattered Vignettes, Web Pages, And Forums Explain How To Use R In Particular Domains But Little Has Been Written On How To Simply Make R Work Effectively Until Now This Hands On Book Teaches Novices And Experienced R Users How To Write Efficient R Code Drawing On Years Of Experience Teaching R Courses, Authors Colin Gillespie And Robin Lovelace Provide Practical Advice On A Range Of Topics From Optimizing The Set Up Of RStudio To Leveraging C That Make This Book A Useful Addition To Any R User S Bookshelf Academics, Business Users, And Programmers From A Wide Range Of Backgrounds Stand To Benefit From The Guidance In Efficient R Programming Get Advice For Setting Up An R Programming Environment Explore General Programming Concepts And R Coding Techniques Understand The Ingredients Of An Efficient R Workflow Learn How To Efficiently Read And Write Data In R Dive Into Data Carpentry The Vital Skill For Cleaning Raw Data Optimize Your Code With Profiling, Standard Tricks, And Other Methods Determine Your Hardware Capabilities For Handling R Computation Maximize The Benefits Of Collaborative R Programming Accelerate Your Transition From R Hacker To R Programmer Writing beautiful concise code is definitely an art, and one that can be difficult to master as so many of us end up pulling together code to perform analytics in a very quick and dirty manner This reviewer has been guilty of not commenting code and writing redundant routines because it was easier than figuring out the error in a macro or loop In this book, Gillespie covers the concept of efficiency both through the amount of computational time and the programming time For large datasets with a standard compute, in particular, R can be a little feisty, so computational tips are always useful.From that perspective, this book assumes at least a basic familiarity with R, although it touches on many of the intro concepts It s not a good place to start if the reader is wanting to learn R The concepts in it are also applicable to other languages, so it doesn t have to be R specific, but the code snippets are all designed to be executed in R It links to other resources to learn R including a personal favorite, the R Inferno , which is a nice touch There is some discussion on the differences in R set up between OS Windows, Linux, MacOS, Ubuntu.The tips are sometimes interesting e.g vectorize data whenever possible Eh, there are some data types where that s not possible and perhaps not indicated for the types of analysis that need to be performed Are there other approaches that could work Those are not to be found in this book.Overall, moderate beginners and some intermediate R programmers will find this useful Self taught R programmers will also find some nuggets Worth a read. Simply a great book, chock full of tips and techniques for improving one s work with R. This book can serve as a useful reminder of some speed tips and tricks for an initiated R user However, the coverage of any particular topic is too superficial to actually teach the uninitiated.The first edition also reads like a hastily prepared draft Numerous errors, incomplete descriptions, and redundant prose abound If you can get past them, you will find excellent recommendations of sources that can be used to teach yourself a new topic or two This book is freely available online at the first author s webpage, so skim this manuscript there and save your dollars for effective material. The content is reasonable, but the book is very short and wow is the editing poorly done Typos and other errors on every couple of pages, and the layout of figure legends seems to to have been considered at all The amateurish production undermines the authority of the book s tone, and it comes across in the end as a self published pamphlet that someone decided to quickly turn into a book I m very disappointed with O Reilly s lack of attention to the book s production The material, the author and the purchaser deserve better.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Efficient R Programming: A Practical Guide to Smarter Programming book, this is one of the most wanted Colin Gillespie author readers around the world.

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