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Edie: American Girl A good read It is particularly interesting for the portrait it accurately paints of Andy Warhol in the latter part of the book It shows how rumor and myth become fact and history with the passing of time Andy was very exploitive of the people around him and damaged as well as destroyed many lives He was also amazingly parsimonious and never properly looked after or cared about the people who were his acolytes Warhol did not paint most of his paintings and the ideas for them came mostly from other people It is interesting the way the art world has lionized him Very sad commentary on the state of the art world and our values, A complete ignorance of history and absence of Kennesaw or ship this book is definitely worth a read for those who are interested in the fabric of the sixties r evolution edie sedgwick is not a particularly engagring person and represents much of the excessive, narcissistic fringe of the era Her dna and incredibly abusive father seem to lead her onto a road of self indulgence and ultimate self destruction that is painful to observe, a saga well depicted by the dozens of her associates who narrate the various episodes of her life I felt the insights and information about her dysfunctional family and the lengthy segment about Andy Warhol and the denizens of his Factory were the strengths of the book The pace and authenticity of the narrative technique and the fascinating slice of American social history make this book well worth the read. I read this book years ago and remember finding it fascinating Reading it now I feel so sorry for the kids in the Sedgwick family They were such a mess The father was a total control freak and the mother just ignored them, especially Edie Edie was surrounded by people like Andy Warhol who used her for his own purposes and then just abandoned her even after it was obvious that she was severely mentally ill I can t believe he didn t even attend her funeral The 60 s wasn t all the fun it was made out to be I remember because I was there too This is a pretty sad story The first time I bought it I think I paid close to 25 for it This time it was 1.99 Times have changed Oh I loved this book I loved Edie the second after I saw that everyone s hype over how special she was was indeed true I wasn t alive for her era not by a long shot but she s fascinating and that s really enough to keep anyone s interest If just viewed as the superstar she was, you could say she was just a beauty and a trendsetter with a hell of a smile but no, she was also very troubled, very abused and taken advantage of I really loved how this book told her life from every angle It covers the few generations of Sedgewick s before her own, giving you a picture of how privileged and proper a family she came from Her life and the lives of her siblings are all very tragic and I feel that s part of the draw, though her life shouldn t be treated like some joke it sure is a pleasure to marvel at it For someone who s life was so brief, Edie sure made some mark. The book definitely gave you a true feel of the sixties and Edie s era Edie comes across at first as a mover and someone who was capable of overcoming her mental instability and building herself a career She appears likable and impressionable As you get farther into the book, you see that she was not only faced with personal challenges but the whole group that she associated with hindered any chance that she might have had to get on track It quickly moves toward the unfortunate climax and keeps your interest despite the fact that one knows how it will end That always a good quality in a book it would have been a bonus if there had been photos of Edie and friends but that s a minor point This is was written years ago but it still is worth reading today I have seen parts of Ciao Manhattan, which was made shortly before her death and is mentioned in the book, and it shows the strain and desperation she suffered through in her New York years. When Edie was first published, it quickly became an international bestseller and then took its place among the classic books about the 1960s Edie Sedgwick exploded into the public eye like a comet She seemed to have it all she was aristocratic and glamorous, vivacious and young, Andy Warhol s superstar But within a few years she flared out as quickly as she had appeared, and before she turned twenty nine she was dead from a drug overdose In a dazzling tapestry of voices family, friends, lovers, rivals the entire meteoric trajectory of Edie Sedgwick s life is brilliantly captured And so is the Pop Art world of the 60s the sex, drugs, fashion, music the mad rush for pleasure and fame All glitter and flash on the outside, it was hollow and desperate within like Edie herself, and like her mentor, Andy Warhol Alternately mesmerizing, tragic, and horrifying, this book shattered many myths about the 60s experience in America.

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