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Disney Discourse: Producing the Magic Kingdom (AFI Film Readers) This is a good publication A student encouraged me to purchase information about this topic, when she inquired whether my library owned this book It is very informative and amazing I have learned a lot about the inside of Disney This publication is a must read, if you desire to learn about Disney and films. Spotty at best, with, as one commenter noted, a certain built in agenda or animus against all things Disney Like many academics there is often a visible ahistorical confusion in the minds of the authors of these essays regarding exactly what the name Disney means There is a world of difference between what Walt was doing in the 1930s, for instance, and indeed throughout his career, compared to how the Company has been run and exploited under Messrs Eisner and Iger. Great book. Great book Hirohito and his Mickey Mouse watch, Goofy and Donald as our Goodwill Ambassadors Disney Discourse is an interdisciplinary examination of the founder and his empire These essays use an interdisciplinary approach to read through Disney s domestic cultural production innocent national icons, as well as theme parks, cartoons and television to analyze the global impact of American popular culture, the politics of Disney, and the complex reception Disney productions have received around the world.The Disney corporation s ever increasing visibility the opening of Euro Disney and new stores in malls and vast influence over global culture demands critical attention not only in film and television studies, but in international diplomacy, architecture, economics and other related fields Disney Discourse consolidates the best of the current work on Disney and provides a representative sample of past analyses of the Disney empire.Contributors Julianne Burton Carvajal, Lisa Cartwright, Brian Goldfarb, Richard deCordova, Douglas Gomery, David Kunzle, Jon Lewis, Moya Luckett, Richard Neupert, Susan Ohmer, Jos Piedra, Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, Alexander Wilson.

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  • Disney Discourse: Producing the Magic Kingdom (AFI Film Readers)
  • Eric Smoodin
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  • 21 January 2018
  • 9780415906166

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