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Disgrace Set In Post Apartheid South Africa, J M Coetzee S Searing Novel Tells The Story Of David Lurie, A Twice Divorced, 52 Year Old Professor Of Communications And Romantic Poetry At Cape Technical University Lurie Believes He Has Created A Comfortable, If Somewhat Passionless, Life For Himself He Lives Within His Financial And Emotional Means Though His Position At The University Has Been Reduced, He Teaches His Classes Dutifully And While Age Has Diminished His Attractiveness, Weekly Visits To A Prostitute Satisfy His Sexual Needs He Considers Himself Happy But When Lurie Seduces One Of His Students, He Sets In Motion A Chain Of Events That Will Shatter His Complacency And Leave Him Utterly Disgraced.

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  1. J J says:

    This book made me want to read Twilight Yes, Twilight perfectly perfect young people falling in love and never growing old God, I hope that s what s in store for me there I need an antidote to Disgrace. It affected methan I thought it could, in ways I hadn t imagined possible At page ten I would have readily given it five stars the writing is supe

  2. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    To begin with, let me make something clear J.M Coetzee s Disgrace left me intellectually fulfilled and severely shocked Fulfilled at the simplicity and beauty of its narrative which resulted in a powerful drama shocked at the impact it had on my innermost self This is not a book for the faint hearted If you lack faith in your fortitude, do not even

  3. Elyse Elyse says:

    Update 1.99 Kindle special today for those who can handle reading this book the writing and story gets inside you and doesn t leave quickly Disgrace is a perfect title David Laurie, professor, father, divorced, twice married , jobless after and inappropriate affair, temporary farmworker, is a disgrace David dips into a downfall transgression with hi

  4. Brina Brina says:

    I read Disgrace by Nobel Laureate J M Coetzee with a few friends in the group reading for pleasure A winner of the Man Booker Prize, Disgrace also fulfills the Nobel Laureate square on my classics bingo card All of Coetzee s novels have received multiple awards or prizes, and Disgrace is the first of his novels that I have read Although short in leng

  5. Ben Ben says:

    This could have been the most uncomfortable I ve ever felt while reading a novel The issues and themes addressed are those that are immersed in the sensitive, pitch black parts of my insides And it didn t relent not once did it get easier It was painful to keep going, yet I was gripped and couldn t stop.Mining through our darker spirits is not pleasur

  6. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    This short novel, written in spare, economical prose, tells the story of a not particularly likable middle aged Capetown college instructor who falls into disgrace because of an affair with a student and is soon reduced to living with his daughter in the bush and working as a euthanizer at the local animal shelter A violent incident occurs, and disgrac

  7. Steve Steve says:

    It s a little known fact where fact is understood in the contemporary, alternative sense that the title of this book was originally an acronym that Coetzee used as a guide for writing it Dishonor Inducing Sex Glaring Racial Antipathy Corroding EmotionsDavid Lurie, a white South African professor in his fifties, had taught communications and poetry in Ca

  8. Candi Candi says:

    I finished this book a little over a week ago and for the first time I couldn t decide how to rate a book, much less write a review about it So here I am still mulling it over, reading through my notes and trying to type some sort of articulate thoughts into my laptop I don t really think I liked Disgrace I respected the writing it made me think a lot I

  9. N W James N W James says:

    ummmno I m afraid for me, this book suffers from what I call the Booker disease I ve read very few books that won the Man Booker prize that I ve enjoyed SPOILERS AHOY AHOY I looked through the GoodReads comments concerning this book and saw a lot of positive feedback But not one of those comments talked about Coetzee s horrible dialogue All of his charact

  10. Garima Garima says:

    It s admirable, what you do, what she does, but to me animal welfare people are a bit like Christians of a certain kind Everyone is so cheerful and well intentioned that after a while you itch to go off and do some raping and pillaging Or to kick a cat.At the beginning, it appears pretty easy To hate David Lurie To take Coetzee s writing for granted To as

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