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Decimals & Fractions Grade 5 (Kumon Math Workbooks) Our Calculation Workbooks Follow The Kumon Method, A Proven Learning System That Helps Children Succeed And Excel In Math Kumon Workbooks Gradually Introduce New Topics In A Logical Progression And Always Include Plenty Of Practice As A Result, Children Master One Skill At A Time And Move Forward Without Anxiety Or Frustration

5 thoughts on “Decimals & Fractions Grade 5 (Kumon Math Workbooks)

  1. Matthew Swope Matthew Swope says:

    Our family loves the Kumon workbooks We have used them for 3 children over 5 different grade levels So my mediocre 3 star review is not for the series as a whole, just this individual workbook.As mentioned repeatedly in Kumon reviews, these are Workbooks full of two page reviews to provide extra practice Kumon books are not for teaching nor for tutoring on any concepts Kumon g

  2. Warren J. Dew Warren J. Dew says:

    Unlike most Kumon math workbooks, this book is not aligned to the state math standards recommended in Common Core In particular, this workbook only continues work with fractions of like denominators from the Grade 4 Decimals Fractions book, and includes no work on multiplying or dividing fractions, just on adding and subtracting them This is in part because two thirds of the bo

  3. lithuanian clown lithuanian clown says:

    this book will make your child appreciate allen iverson it s dullish and lots of practice and degree of difficulty is not linear or progressive however, my eldest has learned his decimals and fractions the old fashioned way and this is one of the stanchions supporting that way he s only in second grade and it comes easily it would seem this is too mechanically boring for a true

  4. KS Chou KS Chou says:

    I ordered 5th grade of decimals and fractions one for for my It is totally in wrong grade It should be 4th grade level My son feel so boring for this book and he doesn t want to do it Tooooooooooo easy.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    I bought this as a supplement to my sons other math curriculum It s perfect for what we needed.

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