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David Lean: A Biography (English Edition) The author, Kevin Brownlow, does a fine, knowledgeable, job, as usual, in reducing David Lean s epic life to an eminently readable story Each one of Lean s projects including his life is examined carefully and the reader is given a close up view of what goes on behind the camera and what it takes to produce films of the quality that Lean directed Highly recommended. Hard work to start with but stick with it it s worth it I am looking forward to reading this book However, I didn t check to see how large it was and how heavy I bought it to read on my holidays but it was far too cumbersome Nevertheless I will enjoy reading it in the dar, cosy Winter nights. A brilliant biography, almost too detailed, but oh what a horrible person Sorry David you are still my favourite director but you are not a nice person Great book, it s a lengthy tome but well worth reading if you are into David Lean. This is an epic biography of an epic film maker First the praise it is very readable, and contains a wealth of information about the making of the films That, of course, is the essence of David Lean s life I am really glad to have read this book, but several issues make me wish it had been better i Brownlow is obviously a massively devoted fan as am I , but this colours the objectivity of his writing, ii Brownlow inserts himself far too much into the narrative, iii fascinating though most of the myriad of anecdotes are, there seems to be a lack of discrimination in their selection, iv the accounts of many of the rows with producers seem a little one sided one would love to hear the other side s view and, v perhaps most importantly there is little insight into the man, as opposed to the filmmaker David Lean had serious relationship issues, both with his blood relatives and in his romantic life What compels a man to marry SIX times One is reminded of the apparently apocryphal quote attributed to Einstein Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results The reader is left very well aware of the issues, but with no understanding of the causes.For all that, let me repeat how glad I am to have read this. great This is a very thorough biography of film director David Lean by a noted film historian who knows his material The many interviews give added depth to the very comprehensive account of Lean s life, and there are numerous photos though not necessarily presented in a logical order Readers should be aware that the writing is geared to a British audience. This book will satifsy any and all questions about the life and filmography of David Lean Well researched, it provides meticulous details about Mr Lean s upbringing, early career, successes and failures and multiple marriages With deep insight and analysis of most if not all of Mr Lean s works from his early years to later, the book provides a fascinating glimpse into the mind of one of the world s greatest filmmakers I definitely recommend this to anyone studying film or just an admirer of Mr Lean s The book also provides some wonderful candid photos of Mr Lean as well as stills from his many movies Well done biography and fun to read A massive book written with David Lean s cooperation by someone who knew him very well over a long period Brownlow spoke to many of his subject s friends and colleagues as well as spending hours with Lean discussing his life and work in the course of writing this well illustrated, definitive account Although it is long, it is never boring and I found it difficult to put down. The life and its biographer provide a landmark work on the cinema Emerging from a childhood of nearly Dickensian darkness, David Lean found his great success as a director of the appropriately titled Great ExpectationsThere followed his legendary black and white films of the s and his four film movie collaboration with Noel Coward Lean sfilm Summertime took him from England to the world of international moviemaking and the stunning series of spectacular color epics that would gain for his work twenty seven Academy Awards and fifty six Academy Award nominations All are classics, including The Bridge on the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, and A Passage to IndiaKevin Brownlow, a film editor in his own right and author of the seminal silent film trilogy initiated with The Parade s Gone By brings to Lean s biography an exhaustive knowledge of the art and the industryOne learns about the making of movies as realized by a master, but also of the highly personal costs of genius The troubled Quaker family from which Lean came influenced his relationship with his son, his brother, and his six wives Yet he showed in his work a deep understanding of humanityThe vastness of this scholarly and entertaining enterprise is augmented by sixteen pages of scenes from Lean s color films, thirty two pages from his black and white movies, and throughout the text a vast number of photographs from his life and location work

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