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Dark Banquet: Blood and the Curious Lives of Blood-Feeding Creatures For Centuries, Blood Feeders Have Inhabited Our Nightmares And Horror Stories, As Well As The Shadowy Realms Of Scientific Knowledge In Dark Banquet, Zoologist Bill Schutt Takes Readers On An Entertaining Voyage Into The World Of Some Of Nature S Strangest Creatures The Sanguivores Using A Sharp Eye And Mordant Wit, Schutt Makes A Remarkably Persuasive Case That Vampire Bats, Leeches, Ticks, Bed Bugs, And Other Vampires Are As Deserving Of Our Curiosity As Warmer And Fuzzier Species Are And That Many Of Them Are Even Worthy Of ConservationSchutt Takes Us From Rural Trinidad To The Jungles Of Brazil To Learn About Some Of The Most Reviled, Misunderstood, And Marvelously Evolved Animals On Our Planet Vampire Bats Only Recently Has Fact Begun To Disentangle Itself From Fiction Concerning These Remarkable Animals, And Schutt Delves Into The Myths And Misconceptions Surrounding Them Examining The Substance That Sustains Nature S Vampires, Schutt Reveals Just How Little We Actually Knew About Blood Until Well Into The Twentieth Century We Revisit George Washington On His Deathbed To Learn How Ideas About Blood And The Supposedly Therapeutic Value Of Bloodletting, First Devised By The Ancient Egyptians And Greeks, Survived Into Relatively Modern Times Schutt Also Tracks The History Of Medicinal Leech Use Once Employed By The Tens Of Millions To Drain Perceived Excesses Of Blood, Today The Market For These Ancient Creatures Is Booming Once Again But For Very Different ReasonsAmong The Other Blood Feeders We Meet In These Pages Are Bed Bugs, Or Ninja Insects, Which Are Making A Creepy Resurgence In Posh Hotels And Well Kept Homes Near You In Addition, Dark Banquet Details Our Dangerous And Sometimes Deadly Encounters With Ticks, Chiggers, And Mites The Latter Implicated In Colony Collapse Disorder Currently Devastating Honey Bees Worldwide Then There Are The Truly Weird Vampire Finches And If You Thought Piranha Were Scary, Some People Believe That The Candiru Or Willy Fish Is The Best Reason To Avoid Swimming In TheEnlightening, Alarming, And Appealing To Our Delight In The Bizarre, Dark Banquet Peers Into A Part Of The Natural World To Which We Are, Through Our Blood, Inextricably Linked From The Hardcover Edition

10 thoughts on “Dark Banquet: Blood and the Curious Lives of Blood-Feeding Creatures

  1. Melki Melki says:

    Yes, folks, here it is all that you will ever want to know about vampire bats, leeches, barber surgeons and other bloodsuckers oddly enough, the chapter on corporate lawyers seems to be missing from this edition This is a seriously entertaining and informative book for the unsqueamish reader intere

  2. Ellen Gail Ellen Gail says:

    Did I like it as much as Cannibalism A Perfectly Natural History No, not really Was it bad Again, no, not really.While maybe not as engaging as his other work, Dark Banquiet never fails to be interesting And depending on what freaks you out for me, it s sea worms I seriously can t even look at them , yo

  3. Steven Steven says:

    My favorite quote from this book, which also sums it up nicely Feeding on blood is a tough way to make a living Schutt, an expert on vampire bats, has written an easily read treatise on some of theinteresting obligate sanguivores love this term that inhabit our world The main species he dwells on are the thr

  4. BAM The Bibliomaniac BAM The Bibliomaniac says:

    I ve just been traumatized by the bed bug chapter I think I need to walk away for a moment

  5. Leigh-ann Leigh-ann says:

    Aimed at the armchair biologist, this book was actually pretty entertaining It was the most amusing biology book I ve ever read the author threw in quite a few dryly humourous observations that I enjoyed I originally picked it up because I like reading about bats, but the section of the book which will stick in my mem

  6. RachelAnne RachelAnne says:

    Fascinating, humoruous and bizarre this book has everything I look for in non fiction My husband learned farthan he ever wanted to know about vampire bats, leeches, bed bugs and blood while I was reading this book it s the sort of volume that compels the reader to exclaim aloud WOW Listen to this

  7. Ryan Mishap Ryan Mishap says:

    This is awesome Well written, descriptive, funny, digressive, and filled with enthusiasm, this amalgation of blood facts and fables, natural history and myths, scientific details and humorous asides,and funny little drawings was fun to read Of course I liked the first part about vampire bats the most oh, like the little bat who

  8. Nicole Nicole says:

    Who would ve thought that a book about leeches, ticks, and blood transfusions could be so damn funny I laughed out loud so many times while reading this, and my poor husband was the recipient of quite a few texts with pictures of the choicest paragraphs I really loved this author s blend of fact and humor, and will definitely keep a

  9. Iris Iris says:

    Illuminating Inspiring Oh, Bill Schutt, your snappy prose, love of learning, and lifetime of research whetted my appetite and fueled my cocktail party chatter I m particularly grateful for the stylized sketches of vampire bats, for the history of a Parisian sociopath with cow s blood coursing through his veins Antoine Mauroy in 1667 , an

  10. Frankie Brazelton Frankie Brazelton says:

    Engrossing and Illuminating Concise information presented with, much appreciated, humor I was so captivated by this book that my next purchase will be Schutt s other book Cannibalism A Perfectly Natural History.

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