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Dan Flavin: New Light In making light his primary medium, Dan Flavin 1933 1996 established himself as one of the most innovative and significant artists of the minimalist movement A new generation encountered Flavin s work through the critically acclaimed exhibition Dan Flavin A Retrospective, which opened in October 2004 at the National Gallery of Art, Washington Dan Flavin New Light includes essays that respond to this exhibition and to the renewed interest in Flavin s work and its place in 20th century art In this volume, six leading scholars of contemporary art consider the ambiguities and multiple resonances of Flavin s light works Each addresses the ontological complexity of the work object based, yet situational, and painterly in its deployment of colored light within the insistently sculptural world of minimalism The book s contributors interpret this tension by exploring Flavin s early assemblages, the relationship of drawing to his installation practice, the specificity of his materials and their operation in actual space, and the openly ambivalent place of Flavin s work within the history of late modernism Also available from Yale University Press DAN FLAVIN A RETROSPECTIVE ISBN 0 300 10632 7 DAN FLAVIN THE COMPLETE LIGHTS ISBN 0 300 10633 5