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Cyanotype (English Edition) Cyanotype Is Truly Refreshing Among The Variety Of Books On Historical And Alternative Photographic Processes, Since The Author Presents Some Old And Almost Forgotten Techniques That Are Not Seen In Any Recent Book, And Reveals Some Of The Almost Secret, Newer Methods, Such As Production Of Bi Color Cyanotype, Double Exposure Techniques, EtcThe Book Guides The Reader With Detailed Descriptions And Clear Pictorial Step By Step Instructions Through The Entire Process Of Creating Cyanotypes At The Beginning, We Learn How To Make Chemicals, How To Choose Right Paper, How To Make Digital Negatives, How To Expose The Image, How To Coat The Paper With Emulsion, And The LikeIn The Following Chapters Are Detailed Descriptions On How To Develop Photographs, A Large Number Of Popular And Some Almost Forgotten Techniques Of A Simple One And Two Color Toning Of Cyanotype, Descriptions Of Making Photograms, And A Bit Challenging Chapters Of Cyanotype Printing On Glass, Stone And FabricsSlightly Creative Readers Will Love The Aforementioned Techniques Of Bi Color Pictures And Photographs, Which Are Made By Double Exposure And Present Here For The First Time The Book Does Not Lack Practical Examples Of Cyanotype For Creating Business Cards, Postcards, Printed T Shirts And The Like

5 thoughts on “Cyanotype (English Edition)

  1. lipsiupolis.de Customer lipsiupolis.de Customer says:

    Disappointing and shallow content No significant technical detail No troubleshooting An extremely cursory treatment of digital negatives Not even a statement about how long you can let a coated paper sit before exposing I read the whole thing cover to cover in 20 minutes Actually, I skimmed most of it because it is all information you can get reading 2 or 3 decent web articles The only new thing I found in this was how to prin

  2. Isle of Glass Isle of Glass says:

    What an incredible, concise, thorough yet relatively simple guide I met Peter on FB, and he is very knowledgeable, and his books are amazing in their presentation I purchased his Easy Digital Negatives since I was having issues with some other very technical methods, and his approach did the trick.I liked EDN so much that I went out and purchased this book Looks like I ll be creating with Cyanotypes Thanks Peter

  3. Douglas D Hanson Douglas D Hanson says:

    Wonderful easy to understand reference for the art of making Cyanotype prints Great for beginners with very clear and easy to follow instructions Also has enough material to provide new techniques for those with experience in this alternative process.

  4. Dan Dan says:

    as advertised

  5. Rui Costa Rui Costa says:

    It s a good guide to help starters to develop and improve their skills on alternative photography It s an easy reading book.

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