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Crouching Tiger Hidden Hogan: The Sixth Lesson: The Secret of Ben Hogan's Perfect and Automatic Swing CROUCHING TIGER IS IN YOU HIDDEN HOGAN IS ALSO IN YOU BOTH THE POTENTIAL AND THE ABILITY TO UNLEASH IT IS WITHIN YOU GO FORTH AND PLAY THE GAME THE WAY IT WAS MEANT TO BE PLAYED AT GOD S FEET Ben Hogan is the most enduring icon in golf and his swing is the most studied athletic action in the history of sport In 1946, after twenty three years of relentless practice and continual experimentation, Hogan discovered a Secret that transformed him into the greatest ball striker of all time Hogan s confidence in the Secret led him to state in his ground breaking book Five Lessons The Modern Fundamentals of Golf that any reasonably coordinated golfer could break eighty When asked if the Secret was there in the book, he said that it was there and that it was easy to locate if told where to look But Mr Hogan never did tell His blunt answer to the direct solicitation The Secret is in the Dirt Mr Hogan was adamant about practice, hard work and self discovery as a rite of passage In 1997, the Master passed away and the Secret was lost forever This book decrypts Hogan s complex web of clues and decoys to resurrect the Secret in its brilliant entirety This book reveals a startling fact about human bio mechanics that has never been published before in any medical or golf journal This book is your key to the Holy Grail of Golf Ben Hogan s Perfect and Automatic swing More information available at This is an excellent reference book to those who aspire to improve their golf games, and I am one of them For 47 years, I have been referring to Ben Hogan s Five Lessons and unsuccessfully trying to learn and execute the golf swing as described by Mr Hogan in the illustrations sketches shown in the book I always felt that something is missing in those illustrations that I cannot execute the swing recommended by Ben Hogan correctly Now, with your explanation of Hogan s swing thru Henny Bogan, everything became clear to me I have now a good grasp, with the help of the concept of Benny Hogan s Elbow Plane, of how to execute Hogan like swing consistently My accuracy has improved significantly to within 10 yards of the target from 150 yards I highly recommend this book. I took this book to the driving range and after an initial struggle was amazed at the simplicity yet insightfulness of the sixth lesson I was able to hit long and straight again and again I was always told that my swing was too handsy and the sixth lesson is all about getting the hands out of the way Kudos to the author Pradeep for this excellent compilation that has given 20 handicappers like me a new ray of hope Well worth a second and third read The author pretends there s a hidden secret in BEN HOGAN s well known book FIVE LESSONS THE MODERN FUNDAMENTALS OF GOLF.Though this book is interesting and well written ,I ve seen no revelation of a pseudo Hidden Secret The emphasis is put on the well known connection of turning the core with arms ,and specifically with the right forearm Any seasoned and experienced golfer knows that.Better read MICKEY WRIGHT s splendid book PLAY GOLF THE WRIGHT WAY to emulate BEN HOGAN s swing

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  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Hogan: The Sixth Lesson: The Secret of Ben Hogan's Perfect and Automatic Swing
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  • 20 March 2019
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