[Free Pdf] Critical limb ischemia. Updates in diagnosis evidence and therapies Author Marco Manzi – Andy-palmer.co.uk

Critical limb ischemia. Updates in diagnosis evidence and therapies In the last ten years, all the most important medical companies have been investing a lot of efforts in order to project and develop dedicated devices for PAD endovascular treatment, with particular attention to BTK and BTA lesions The new devices availability, together with the evolution of the endovascular techniques, allowed successful treatment of thousands of Italian patients with the clinical evidence of the efficacy of multidisciplinary model, which is the main characteristic of the Italian tradition in the ischemic diabetic foot treatment This book is not only the results of a simple cooperation among different specialists but also a concrete example of the concept of multidisciplinary approach to this complex pathology Clinical and surgical specialists concerned with endovascular and surgical intervention will benefit from this book, and it will also be of interest to diabetologists, podiatrists, specialist nurses, general practitioners, surgeons and clinical researchers

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