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Creative Black and White This is an excellent guide to making amazing black and white photographs This is a book you will keep on your shelf and refer to often because, not only does the author give you many ideas on creating monochromatic pictures, but he gives you the recipes as well All in easy to understand language with very helpful illustrations via his photographs The first photo illustrations in the book sold me on this writer They are long exposure, black and white shots like I haven t seen before Creative, indeed His captions are excellent because they talk about the conceptual history of the picture as well as how he made the picture and the exposeure settings Much than the usual caption and I find it very useful Fun thing the author points out that, in the days of film, you could shoot black and white or color but you could not shoot both with the same roll He goes on to point out that, even though in digital you can shoot either way, it s always better to shoot in color and convert it to black and white post production I agree.I loved and appreciated Davis section on pre visualization techniques He explains that, in the digital world, visualization of potential shots includes knowledge of the huge number of post processing techniques there are In other words, you need to know your options He gives excellent tips on how to decide whether black and white will be a useful option in a particular situation For example, he looks for contrast between highlights and shadows.Later in the book Davis talks about using Photoshop s channel mixer for converting black and white photos I have use this tool for infrared, but not for black and white what a revelation He also recommends split toning which I actually never considered with black and white conversions but will try now Glad to see he s a cheerleader for Silver Efex Pro because so am I That app gives you so many choices for each conversion from color to black and white.I use HDR almost daily in my color photos, but I am not aware that I have ever used it in black and white Now I have a reason to do so because Davis explains how to do it and why it s often a good, creative idea Makes sense because HDR of course gives you a much bigger tonal range which, in black and white, can make a lot of difference The author gives many Photoshop tips which I love because I use Photoshop For example, he talks about adding soft focus in Photoshop and also giving a photo the pinhole effect I appreciate when authors give me new ideas of how to use my existing tools Also, I had never considered solarizing an image until this book Not only does he explain what that is, but Davis gives several methods by which to solarize an image He renders all of them easy to understand and I m eager to give it a try.At the finish of the book the author covers shooting with smart phones, the camera we always have with us Most photography books that are not explicitly all about smart phone photography don t mention your smart phone but concentrate only on DSLRs or maybe compact cameras Yet, all of us who have smart phones use the camera, so how great to have a whole section of the book about shooting black and white photography with your cell phone Funny, he points out that the resolution on his current smart phone is better than his first DSLR s he discusses the various apps to use, noting that Snapseed is his favorite I find that many authors favor this app so I need to use it any I am much enjoyed this book and got out of it than I have out of some other manuals and black and white photography I highly recommend it. Black And White Photography Poses Unique Challenges Without Color To Guide The Eye, Contrast, Lighting, And Composition Take On Even Importance In Creative Black And White, Nd Edition, Renowned Photographer Harold Davis Explains These Elements And Demonstrates The Basic Rules Of Black And White Photography, As Well As When And How To Break Them He Breaks Through The Complexity Of This Photographic Medium, Explores Opportunities For Black And White Imagery, And Shows How To Capitalize On Each And Every One Of Them This New, Revised, And Expanded Edition Brings The Tools Up To Date With Extended Sections On Monochrome In Lightroom, Photoshop, And Related PluginsTABLE OF CONTENTS THE MONOCHROMATIC VISIONPast, Present, And FutureThinking In Black And WhiteContrastColor ImpliedThe Tonal LandscapeVisual ImplicationSeeing In Black And WhitePre Visualization TechniquesBlack And White CompositionFramingPatterns And LinesShape And FormHigh KeyLow KeyShades Of GrayFinding Monochromatic SubjectsBlack And White At NightPhotographing PeoplePortraiture In Black And White BLACK AND WHITE IN THE DIGITAL ERADigital Black And White RoadmapThe RAW AdvantageBlack And White In Adobe Camera RAWBlack And White In LightroomGrayscale Conversion Using PresetsHSL ConversionExposure Gradients And AdjustmentsExporting Virtual Copies Into Photoshop As LayersMultiple Layers And Masking In PhotoshopMulti RAW Processing In PhotoshopBlack And White In PhotoshopBlending With BlackUsing The Channel MixerBlack White Adjustment LayersSilver Efex ProTopaz B W EffectsOnOne Perfect B WThe Digital Analog To The Analog Zone SystemCombining Conversions In Photoshop CREATIVE BLACK AND WHITE OPPORTUNITIESLighting And Monochromatic PhotosCreating High Key EffectsCreating Low Key EffectsHDR In Black And WhiteShooting For HDRUsing HDR SoftwareToning And TintingTinting With A Black White Adjustment LayerSplit ToningThe Ansel Adams EffectSelective ColorHand ColoringUsing LAB ColorInverting The L ChannelEqualizing LAB ChannelsSwapping TonalitiesUsing Blending ModesLAB InversionsSoft FocusAdding Soft FocusPinhole EffectSolarizationUsing Curves To Solarize An ImageSimulating The Blossfeldt EffectDuotone And Tritone EffectsAdding And Reducing NoiseFilm EffectsInfrared Camera ConversionsInfrared Conversion Without An IR CameraCreating X Ray Images MOBILE BLACK AND WHITEBlack And White Using A Cell Phone CameraWorking With SnapseedToward A Monochromatic Mobile WorkflowNotes And ResourcesGlossaryIndex Not well organized, difficult to use as a reference. Great instructional book on B W photography Author is very good The book has delighted my husband Hr is the one to really rate it, but he has told me it answers a lot of questions and is very well written

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