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Cowboys Are My Weakness: Stories This was my first introduction to Pam Houston, and I ve already bought two books by her She writes with a wisdom that reminds me of some of my favorite books by Jim Harrison. When I purchased this I didn t know it was a collection of very short stories I kinda like short attention grabbing prose I was hooked after her first entry and couldn t wait to she would she would come up with next I hung on to every carefully chosen word amazed at the power and beauty of those words I finished so very satisfied yet longing for I ll be sure to have a look at her other works. Cowboys Are My Weakness is a wonderful collection of 12 short stories Short story collections can often be uneven Some you like, some you don t Some fit with a theme, some don t There is usually one that leaves you scratching your head because you can t figure out what it is about or why it is included Not so with this book Each story is great as a stand alone and they are all connected by places and themes.I assume that Ms Houston is writing about herself in some form in each of the stories In general, a woman from the east relocates to the western US and tries to find love and peace of mind The men are often jerks, the stories include good friends and animals usually dogs and horses , and the western wilderness plays a central role.The stories are a reflection on relationships between men and women Ms Houston writes gorgeous prose The tone is witty, self depreciating, and honest The rhythm of the words if perfect for the content and the setting I have a hard time describing why I like some author s writing than others Nonetheless, I love this writing It sings and speaks to me in ways that Ms Houston can articulate succinctly and beautifully than I ever will. This is one of my top ten favorite books.Pam Houston is a gifted writer with a wicked sense of humor She is a master of the short story genre When I first read this book, I thought cowboys were rugged and handsome I ve come to know this to be true.Now, I am blessed to take their photographs for living.A good short story is harder than you might imagine to write Pam Houston does it best. This book is the reason I fell in love with Pam Houston s writing, and with her heart Each story is a glimpse into the challenges all human s face the loss, the pain, the humor and humanity The tenderness and toughness and the poignant, important differences between male and female friendships I ADORE this book, like, one of the few things you grab in a fire, like desert island adore This book was passed around a group of Expressive Therapists I worked with, we shared it with our clients, and ALL our friends I have bought than 15 copies of this book, and just lent out my last copy No One, NO ONE ever wants to return it Houston s incredible athleticism, courage, tenderness and openness, are both endearing, and encouraging If you have never read her work, read this book READ THIS BOOK It will touch you in places you ve tucked deeply away. This is a good story based in real life and catches one by surprise It s window into the life of some one we could all have to depend one day, The tow Truck Driver This story is candid and told with feeling that reflects real life situations that are in some cases spectacular enough to appear in a movie and moving enough in the heroism of the leading charter to make the reader reflect This is a good read for any looking for one of modern life unsung heroes, The tow Truck driver. Loved this book, and the many images it evoked for me in terms of place descriptions and characters Truly, I wish I had known when I was young the lessons that are presented in this book I felt a kinship to the women in these stories It clearly demonstrates that the choices we make, good or bad, are lessons for us to learn They are our chances to grow and learn Great read This review is for the W W Norton Company paperback edition, 1992, 171 pages with 12 stories, eight of which were previously published in literary journals COWBOYS ARE MY WEAKNESS is not listed on the USA Today s Top 150 Best Selling books.These stories are about real men who run rapids at high water, rescue one dog a year from the humane society, love white tailed deer than women, stalk Dall deer for the kill, and run fast away from commitment They are also about the women who put up with these guys, written by a woman has, but only to warn her species Pam Houston put on boots and took names.Ladies, read this and laugh You real men, read it for the profile of the woman you re looking for, but beware Houston s got your number You re country music, where The men in the songs were all brutal or inexpressive and always sorry later. I love this book Vivid stories with real characters and a fabulously believable set if voices A must read.The seller was brilliant too The book arrived early and I loved the message on a postcard. In Pam Houston s best selling story collection, we meet smart women who are looking for the love of a good man, and men who are wild and hard to pin down Our heroines are part daredevil, part philosopher, all acute observers of the nuances of modern romance Cowboys Are My Weakness is a shrewd and intoxicating look at men and women together and apart

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