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Conversations with Frank Gehry SurprisingConversations reveals an architect every bit as engaging as his buildings Steven Kurutz, The New York Times Rich andrevelatoryGehry s long relationship with Isenberghas produced a level of trust and familiarity that allows him to open up in ways he has rarely done publicly Christopher Hawthorne, Los Angeles Times Conversations with Frank Gehry offers Gehry aficionados a variety of fertile topics to exploreIsenberg s book may be the best way to explore Gehry s workA wonderful place to wait for the world to start bustling again Doug Childers, Richmond Times Dispatch Isenbergoffers worthwhile new information for architecture devotees and an engaging introduction for general readers Martin Filler, The New York Times Book Review Ambition and what Frank Gehry calls his aw shucks personality collude in such precedent setting projects as Guggenheim Bilbao, Disney Hall, and his own chain link happy home in Santa Monica This conversation sheds light on them all Los Angeles Magazine A frank conversation with Frank is unusually revealing, and few have done it better than arts reporter Barbara IsenbergCompellingEven the familiar stories sound fresh, and there are sharp insights on the creative process The Architect s Newspaper Essential reading for everyone interested in the art and craft of architecture Larry Cox, Tucson Citizen Highly engagingEspecially valuable because, unlike the other star architects working today, Gehry eschews theory, doesn t write manifestoes, and has no interest in projecting a stylish personal imageIsenberg presents a warmly human Gehry whose intuitive approach to design begs to be experienced Jack Quinan, The Buffalo News Isenbergkeeps her sharp questions front and center, reminding the readers that these are intelligently interactive interviewsWith a plainspoken directness certain to embarrass his TheorySpeak colleagues, Gehry s comments center on his lifelong learning, his innovative projects, and his assessment of his legacy There are levels upon levels of insights to be culled from his candorGehry s conversations with Isenberg offer portraits of an astute listener as well as talker, an architect as aware of his flaws and limitations as of his virtues Norman Weinstein, ArchNewsNow A gold mine for Gehry admirers forcasual followers of his work, there are plenty of intriguing insights into the creative process Mason Currey, Metropolis Magazine Articulate and disarmingly unpretentious Starred review, Booklist Absolutely fascinatingGehry emerges in this self portrait as a man of flesh and blood unusually humble, painstakingly ethical, and frankly thrilled with the exciting prospects of modern art and architectureA gold mine for scholars and the general public Library JournalAn unprecedented, intimate, and richly illustrated portrait of Frank Gehry, one of the worlds most influential architects Drawing on the most candid, revealing, and entertaining conversations she has had with Gehry over the last twenty years, Barbara Isenberg provides new and fascinating insights into the man and his workGehrys subjects range from his childhoodwhen he first built cities with wooden blocks on the floor of his grandmothers kitchento his relationships with clients and his definition of a great client We learn about his architectural influences including Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright and what he has learned from Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and RauschenbergWe explore the thinking behind his designs for the Guggenheim Bilbao and the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the redevelopment of Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn and Grand Avenue in Los Angeles, the Gehry Collection at Tiffanys, and ongoing projects in Toronto, Paris, Abu Dhabi, and elsewhere And we follow as Gehry illuminates the creative process by which his ideas first take shapefor example, through early drawings for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, when the buildings trademark undulating curves were mere scribbles on a page Sketches, models, and computer images provided by Gehry himself allow us to see how so many of his landmark buildings have come to fruition, step by step Conversations with Frank Gehry is essential reading for everyone interested in the art and craft of architecture, and for everyone fascinated by the most iconic buildings of our time, as well as the man and the mind behind them

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