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                        Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump: The brilliant New York Times bestseller (English Edition)
            Assails Trump s ethics deficit Associated PressSHORTLISTED FOR THE 2019 WILLIAM HILL SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEARTHE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER An eye watering account of the president s abuse of the rules of golf The Sunday Times Reilly pokesholes in Trump s claims than there are sand traps on all his courses combined It is by turns amusing and alarming The New YorkerThis book is dedicated to the truth It s still a thingCommander in Cheat How Golf Explains Trump is a fascinating on the ground and behind the scenes survey of Donald Trump s ethics deficit on and off the golf course.Renowned sports writer Rick Reilly transports readers onto the greens with President Trump, revealing the absurd ways in which he lies about his feats, and what they can tell us about the way he leads off the course in the most important job in the world.Golf is like bicycle shorts It reveals a lot about a manReilly has been with Trump on the fairways, the greens and in the rough, he has seen how the President plays and it s not pretty Based on his personal experiences, and interviews with dozens of golf pros, amateurs, developers, partners, opponents, and even caddies who have first hand involvement with Trump out on the course, Reilly takes a deep and often hilarious look at how Trump shamelessly cheats at golf, lies about it, sues over it, bullies with it, and profits from it.Somebody should point out that the way Trump does golf is sort of the way he does a presidency, which is to operate as though the rules are for other people From Trump s ridiculous claim to have won eighteen club championships, to his devious cheating tricks, to his tainted reputation as a golf course tycoon, Commander in Cheat tells you everything you need to know about the man.You could write a book about what Trump s golf reveals about him Here it is

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    Poor Rick Reilly This is an exceptionally entertaining and well written book, with loads of fascinating tidbits about golf, golfing presidents, and everything that surrounds the game at the presidential level There is, literally, an engaging fact, perceptive observation, joke, amusing story, or wry throwaway line on every page But, it s unavoidable, given the premise here, that everything circles back to and focuses on Donald J Trump And I guess there is no way to avoid that, although I am happy to note that at least it s mostly the introductory chapter that is the biggest downer After that Reilly focuses on the golf, even if it is Trump s version of golf.Trump isn t a funny golfer, or a goofy golfer, or a supremely accomplished golfer, or a potentially fun or even interesting golf partner, unless you re a bit of a masochist Trump is a liar and an unrelenting cheat in a sport that values, above all else, honesty, courtesy and playing by the rules Linger on that thought too long, and the stories here can be sad and depressing.But then well, gosh it can be funny As the Borscht belt comics would say It s funny, because it s true Trump is immersed in and obsessed with golf, playing it, owning the courses, rubbing elbows with celebrity golfers , and all aspects of that obsession are considered and illuminated Reilly dissects each of Trump s claimed Club Championships, which is the claim that originally ticked Reilly off He is merciless in describing Trump s idiots abroad approach to Scotland He recounts innumerable stories about cheating, phony handicaps, and baseless and ludicrous claims by Trump about his skills, his courses, and his prowess Reilly gives Trump props where appropriate, but always has to circle back to the fact, observed repeatedly, that Trump is constitutionally compelled to exaggerate that which is merely good into splendiforous magnificence, and is so convinced that everyone cheats at everything that cheating and winning at any cost is the real normal Harmless enough, ultimately, on the golf course But.So, poor Rick Reilly He has written a very good, thorough, and sometimes laugh out loud funny book But, you know, Trump Read it, and despair Please note that I received a free ecopy of this book without a review requirement, or any influence regarding review content should I choose to post a review Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.

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    I wasn t sure I would like this book because I don t really understand golf, but I have to say, it s extremely entertaining in how it shows the ridiculous lengths Trump will go to in order to cheat It s comical and of course in the end, also pathetic and sad The only improvement I would suggest would be a list of all the jargony golf terms that a layman like myself does not understand.

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    One of the facts we keep hearing about people s rationale for supporting Trump is his record of success in business where he was an utter cheat and failure , and in golf where he was an utter cheat and failure as well This book connects the dots and through golf paints the most accurate picture of the President of the United States.

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    The author gives an amazing insider peek into the life of our hapless president Viewed through his golf antics the book goes from laugh out loud hilarious to mind numbing shock when the larger implications to the country are explained I m not sure it would be possible for any writer to explain the mind of complex Mr.Trump, but Rick Reilly comes very close.

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    I suggest filtering to read only the reviews by verified purchase to weed out the partisans that haven t actually read the book The Audible version very easy on the ear Lots of new info Well written Very entertaining The book covers a broader area of material than I expected The Author is an award winning semi retired sports writer having worked at all the most prestigious positions in the sports writing field He interview over 100 pros, caddies, developers, club owners, friends and business associates of Trump s Oddly, this book seems to give a better glimpse into Trump s psyche than most of the others including Woodward s and David Cay Johnston s.

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