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Colour My Sketchbook MYTHIC Greyscale Adult Colouring Book A weird and wacky imagination gives this artist the edge Vampires, ghouls and goblins and much.Great value for money. please note that i am a VERIFIED PURCHASER of this book Colour My Sketchbook MYTHIC.i am also a member of Bennett s Facebook, on with the review.i own over TEN of Bennett s coloring books at this point in time, and i continue to purchase them whenever possible.being a part of Bennett s coloring community is no small thing for me.i get to ask questions contribute feedback and make suggestions.this is an integral part of how Bennett produces his coloring colouring books he LISTENS and RESPONDS to the desires requests of our coloring community wow i am not familiar with ANY OTHER ARTIST that does this PLEASE NOTE that Bennett is a singular artist having these books produced on his own he does NOT have a publishing house therefore the lot run size for each book is much smaller due to costs associated with production.the images Bennett draws are STUNNING.i love the latitude he affords me as an artist with the way he draws the images, so that i can manipulate image to accommodate the media i choose to use to accomplish the vision in my head that i have for each image i sit down to color.a reviewer said that his images are blurry and there are skips in the ink THIS IS WHY HE HAS BLURRED THE IMAGES IN MOST CASES in direct response to our community s request for this, as it gives us MORE FREEDOM to work the image as we see fit in our creative process.regarding ink skips Bennett is pursuing reports of BOOTLEGGED COPIES of his books being sold without permission, thus breaking COPYRIGHT laws.if you are concerned about quality as far as giving these books as gifts, then by all means please visit his page bennett klein art myshopify com collections all to purchase the PDF files and print them out on whatever media you see fit.i, however, will continue to support this generous and talented artist by continuing to purchase his coloring books.just remember i AM a VERIFIED PURCHASER of the following books of his that i own Colour My Sketchbook 1 Colour My Sketchbook 2Colour My Sketchbook 5Colour My Sketchbook CHARACTERSColour My Sketchbook DARKERColour My Sketchbook DRAGONSColour My Sketchbook EPICColour My Sketchbook MYTHICColour My Sketchbook STEAMColour My Sketchbook UNEARTHEDColour My Sketchbook WILDColour My Sketchbook WILD 2i am the author of this review in its entirety i received NO free product or compensation whatsoever in any form from any entity for this review. I really wanted to love this book The images are gorgeous but Bennett Klein s beautiful work deserves better paper The paper is thin and literally wants to repel colored pencils I use prismacolor premier Maybe it s different with other pencil brands, but I don t know I know there is the option of copying and printing the pages out using your own paper, but if I wanted to do that I would just buy digital copies and print them myself at a cheaper cost to begin with Also the ink smears into your pencil.

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