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Colour My Sketchbook Bloom If you love coloring flowers and animals with a bit of a challenge and ample opportunity for creativity, you most likely will love this fantabulous book Just imagine how many blissful moments you will have as you make these Strange Flowerings come to life When I first flipped through the pages, I was v.e.r.y intimidated however, after I started coloring one illustration I just did not want to stop The drawings have lines that guide you in the best direction for realism If you don t want realism, then fantasy works just as well The book is filled with lots of blossoming animals and plants Fun Fun Fun.Menu One per page illustrations printed on white paper with just the right amount of tooth texture to work well with colored pencils or gel pens My gel pens left a shadow, but no bleed through The illustrations are centered on the page and do not have borders Glued spine that has just the right amount of flexibility to allow for comfort in coloring Perfect size for grab n go 8 x 11 x inches Table of Contents listing creative names for each illustration Ex Bloomin Explosion, Bloomin Ooze, Bloomin Icecream etc Inside you will find a bloomin owl, bloomin lion, bloomin duck and many bloomin animals There are also lots of bloomin blooms There are two blank pages at the back of the book that can be used for notes, testing colors etc The pages are not perforated however, after one s masterpiece is finished, a sharp cutter will certainly cut the page smoothly in the blink of an eye.Books like this one feed my addiction to coloring and pack a great big wallop into my determination of curbing my craving for just one picture before bedtime I m just like a little kid in a toy shop I can t make up my mind which one I want to color next Sooo much fun Bennett Klein does it again Just received my copy and I can t wait to truly dig in I have all of Bennett s book and don t know how he is able to keep his work so fresh and creatively so unique Every time I get a new title in this collection I can t believe it could possibly surpass his others, yet it does I have to say this is his best book ever If you love coloring all types of flowers and are open to a different coloring experience this would be the book you. This is my first purchase of this artist s coloring books It is called Bloom, because there are flowers interwoven with the images, and that is why I ordered it.Although this artist s skill is undeniable, his images have not been what I enjoy looking at Devotees of this artist will undoubtedly laugh when I say that I find most of his images to be unsettling if not downright scary Still, I recognized his skill and wished that he would create a softer friendlier coloring book or at least one that didn t give me nightmares.I m happy to say that Bloom is that coloring book The images are still edgy, but not so much so that their edges draw blood Besides the less frightening images, I particularly like the dark areas which provide the colorist with shading skills not possessed before My finished pictures from Bloom look polished than my other finished works from other coloring books I m enjoying coloring in this Sketchbook very much, and I hope I will see another edgy but friendly Sketchbook appear soon on. I LOVE this book Bennetts flowers are realistic and beautiful with a twist Such as 6 Bloomin Cone It s an ice cream cone with blossoms instead of ice cream And his hands are beautiful I love the faces and hands Bennetts people are amazing Greyscale Colouring Book

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