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Collapse: How Societies Chose to Fail or Succeed Brilliant, Illuminating, And Immensely Absorbing, Collapse Is Destined To Take Its Place As One Of The Essential Books Of Our Time, Raising The Urgent Question How Can Our World Best Avoid Committing Ecological Suicide In His Million Copy Bestseller Guns, Germs, And Steel, Jared Diamond Examined How And Why Western Civilizations Developed The Technologies And Immunities That Allowed Them To Dominate Much Of The World Now In This Brilliant Companion Volume, Diamond Probes The Other Side Of The Equation What Caused Some Of The Great Civilizations Of The Past To Collapse Into Ruin, And What Can We Learn From Their Fates As In Guns, Germs, And Steel, Diamond Weaves An All Encompassing Global Thesis Through A Series Of Fascinating Historical Cultural Narratives Moving From The Polynesian Cultures On Easter Island To The Flourishing American Civilizations Of The Anasazi And The Maya And Finally To The Doomed Viking Colony On Greenland, Diamond Traces The Fundamental Pattern Of Catastrophe Environmental Damage, Climate Change, Rapid Population Growth, And Unwise Political Choices Were All Factors In The Demise Of These Societies, But Other Societies Found Solutions And Persisted Similar Problems Face Us Today And Have Already Brought Disaster To Rwanda And Haiti, Even As China And Australia Are Trying To Cope In Innovative Ways Despite Our Own Society S Apparently Inexhaustible Wealth And Unrivaled Political Power, Ominous Warning Signs Have Begun To Emerge Even In Ecologically Robust Areas Like Montana.Brilliant, Illuminating, And Immensely Absorbing, Collapse Is Destined To Take Its Place As One Of The Essential Books Of Our Time, Raising The Urgent Question How Can Our World Best Avoid Committing Ecological Suicide

About the Author: Jared Diamond

Jared Diamond is the author of the Pulitzer Prize winning Guns, Germs, and Steel He is Professor of Geography at UCLA and has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society He has dedicated this book to his sons and future generations.

10 thoughts on “Collapse: How Societies Chose to Fail or Succeed

  1. Manny Manny says:

    Jared Diamond looks at several societies that have collapsed as a result of misusing their natural resources, plus a couple Tokugawa period Japan is the star example that miraculously managed to pull back from the brink At the end, he also talks about some present day cases

  2. Lyn Lyn says:

    Fascinating work by the same author who won a Pulitzer prize for Guns, Germs, and Steel The Fates of Human Societies This exhaustive study in Malthusian economics as applied to several societies in history that have failed, such as the Easter Islanders and Greenland Norse, details t

  3. Kenghis Khan Kenghis Khan says:

    The Pulitzer prize winning Guns, Germs and Steel by this dude forever changed the way I look at history And believe me, I am a history buff of sorts so this means a lot Unfortunately, Collapse fails to measure up to that classic.The real problem with Collapse isn t the research that goes int

  4. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    This is a major work Diamond looks in detail at the factors at play in the demise of civilizations in human history, using a wide range of examples He offers a framework in which to structure the analysis and looks in great detail at possible and in many cases certain reasons why various societies co

  5. Gaff Gaff says:

    I considered giving this book 4 instead of 5 stars simply because it can be over dense in its detail and the style can be rather dry but then I figured that says about my stamina and laziness than about the quality of the book, so the book gets 5 and I get a 4 for effort We re all winners.So despite the head

  6. Michael Michael says:

    The halfway point review One question I ve been wrestling with as I read, as I watch these societies move slightly past sustainability, as I read about societal collapse and the squandering of resources by the wealthy and then the inevitable cannibalism that always seems to show up in the last act, I keep asking mysel

  7. Ryan Ryan says:

    In Collapse, Jared Diamond draws our attention to the following problems, which have plagued humanity throughout history.1 Deforestation and loss of habitat2 Overhunting3 Overfishing4 Soil degradation5 Water management problems6 Population growth7 Increased per capita impact of people8 Impact of non native speciesAnd no

  8. Sebastien Sebastien says:

    This is an exhaustive and exhausting read Should ve been tightened up and trimmed down, not only did I get tired of the meandering but I got worn down from getting machine gunned with an avalanche of what I considered often superfluous details Still, I thought it was very good, the historical examples of collapse and also the examples

  9. Conrad Conrad says:

    Guns, Germs and Steel occasionally felt like monday morning quarterbacking, but Collapse is superb In GGS, Diamond tried to explain how technologies that evolved in some places did not in others, how some communities thrived due to excess food and advanced agriculture, while others, perpetually on the verge of starvation, had to devote

  10. Felicia Felicia says:

    So I was in Belize for the holiday and became fascinated with all the Mayan ruins I visited I had been to Copan in Honduras years ago, but was reminded of the great glory of this civilization, and the controversial collapse that happened to disperse people from these great structures around 900 AD.I love Guns Germs and Steel than anything, it changed h

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