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Clackety Track: Poems about Trains Queue up for a whistle stop tour of trains of all kinds, narrated in lively verse and featuring dynamic retro artwork Rows of grooves, cables, and bars Graffiti rockin out the cars A badge of rust A proud oil stain Theres nothin plain about a train.Trains of all shapes and sizes are coming down the track bullet train, sleeper train, underground train, zoo train, andAll aboard Skila Browns first class poems, as varied as the trains themselves, reflect the excitement of train travel, while Jamey Christophs vintage style illustrations provide a wealth of authentic detail to pore over.

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    I bought this after reading a very favorable review My grandson loves it his parents, after the hundredth repetion, perhaps not quite so much.

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    Great illustrations Bravo Jamey Christoph.

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    Fun to read to the kids

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    This delightful poetry book with vintage drawings will delight any locomotive enthusiast Each poem will draw the reader into the train s character by word choice, spacing and design The digital drawings are authentic giving the reader many tiny details to ponder The last pages gives the reader additional facts about trains.Series This author also wrote Slickety Quick Poems About Sharks.Recommendation This would be a book to add to your must have lists for any elementary library or home library.Must Read Literature K thru YA gives this book its Book of Note award Barb Kamen, Reviewer

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    CLACKETY TRACK is a children s book of poems all about trains The poems in the book are Morning in the Yard, Freight Train, Tracks, Bullet Train, Steam Engine, Train Snow Plow, Zoo Train, Electric Train, Dinner Train, The Underground Train, Shoulder Ballast Cleaner, Whistle Stop Tour, and Sleeper Train The last two pages of the book have all kinds of interesting facts about trains, particularly trains in the United States Great book for any child who loves trains or is interested in transportation.

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