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Ciderology: From History and Heritage to the Craft Cider Revolution InCiderology, Gabe Cook, aka The Ciderologist, leading global cider expert, shares his passion for all things cider and perry , with an essential history of the drink and production processes, and a round the world tour of the most important and exciting cider makers in operation You ll find delicious recipes incorporating cider, tasting notes for cider styles that you can try yourself, and a wealth of anecdotes and tales that intermingle fact and mythA real treat for the drinks enthusiast, inveterate cider lover and cider novice alike, Ciderology contains anything and everything you have ever needed to know about ciderWhat is Ciderology Ciderology is about understanding the way cider making has evolved over the centuries, from the heart of cider country to the new wave of cider makers It s about learning how terroir and climate affect the quality of cider, just like a wine and how to match your favourite dishes with the perfect cider It s about wassailing, community and tradition, but is also about the innovative and creative craft cider makers emerging all over the worldGabe Cook is a renowned cider expert who has dedicated himself to the championing of cider far and wide, in the UK and abroad He has worked both for some of the world s biggest cider makers around, including Weston s and Bulmers, and also for award winning indie New Zealand craft cider producer, Peckham s, and English Traditional cider pioneers, Ross Cider He has even presented a bottle of cider to the Queen He is now a full time consultant, C s Sunday Brunch resident cider expert and an award winning Cider Educator, as well a senior judge at Cider Competitions all over the globe It is his mission to celebrate the heritage, diversity and innovation within the wonderful world of cider, one sip at a time Wassail