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Churchill: Walking with Destiny This is how a biography should be written Detailed but gripping appreciative of the subject but clear about failings as well as genius What a read impossible to put down After his superlative biography of Napoleon, it may have been difficult to contemplate Andrew Roberts producing a finer work but in Churchill Walking with Destiny, his latest book, he has succeeded The clue is in the title The first part of the book exams Churchill s experiences of life as a front line soldier and senior politician before the momentous events of May 1940 which the author is at pains to explain provided Winston with the hard won knowledge that formed his views on how to run the government of a democracy in the age of total war.The eternal difficulty in writing a new biography of such a seemingly well known figure is to provide fresh insights and information Andrew Roberts has unearthed new sources such as the diary of King George VI which provide fascinating commentary from those who dealt closely with the greatest Briton and their personal views of him.The second part of the book presents the author with a conundrum how much to leave out How can he provide details on every aspect of Churchill s running of the war, every campaign, every idea both good and bad, every argument with those around him in a manageable single volume The answer is he does not Instead he provides clear and succinct passages on all the major events without becoming bogged down in too much extraneous detail while peppering the narrative with often amusing anecdotes about Winston s personal behaviour and relationships with those around him.Andrew Roberts does not shy from the usual Churchill controverises e.g Tonypandy, gassing the Kurds, India etc Indeed it can appear that he spends too much time expunging so many of the ridiculous myths that have inexplicably become part of the contemporary narrative on Winston Churchill But he is right to It is the role of the serious historian to get to the heart of the matter, report the facts and let the reader judge for themselves.This is a wonderful book The prose is highly readable, sparkles with insight and the book is filled with anecdotal gems Any writer who can make Edwardian tariff reform both interesting and stimulating deserves all the credit that comes A truly fine biography and quite probably the best single volume on Churchill you are likely ever to read. I have in my library nearly 100 books on or about Churchill and I have to say this has to be one of the very best, single volume editions I ve ever read The attention to detail and the writing and narrative styles are truly fantastic Having read a lot of books about this incredible man I can honestly say that this is up there with the best.The pictures, presentation literary skill makes this book a pure reading treat This, surely, has to be the go to one stop book on Churchill This is, quite simply, a huge literary achievement Credit to the author this is a remarkable book. Sencillamente magn fico THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERA SUNDAY TIMES, THE TIMES, ECONOMIST, DAILY TELEGRAPH, EVENING STANDARD, OBSERVER BOOK OF THE YEAR Undoubtedly the best single volume life of Churchill ever written Dominic Sandbrook, Sunday TimesA magnificently fresh and unexpected biography of Churchill, by one of Britain s most acclaimed historiansWinston Churchill towers over every other figure in twentieth century British history By the time of his death at the age ofin , many thought him to be the greatest man in the worldThere have been over a thousand previous biographies of Churchill Andrew Roberts now draws on over forty new sources, including the private diaries of King George VI, used in no previous Churchill biography to depict him intimately and persuasively than any of its predecessors The book in no way conceals Churchill s faults and it allows the reader to appreciate his virtues and character in full his titanic capacity for work and drink , his ability see the big picture, his willingness to take risks and insistence on being where the action was, his good humour even in the most desperate circumstances, the breadth and strength of his friendships and his extraordinary propensity to burst into tears at unexpected moments Above all, it shows us the wellsprings of his personality his lifelong desire to please his father even long after his father s death but aristocratic disdain for the opinions of almost everyone else, his love of the British Empire, his sense of history and its connection to the presentDuring the Second World War, Churchill summoned a particular scientist to see him several times for technical advice It was the same whenever we met , wrote the young man, I had a feeling of being recharged by a source of living power Harry Hopkins, President Roosevelt s emissary, wrote Wherever he was, there was a battlefront Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke, Churchill s essential partner in strategy and most severe critic in private, wrote in his diary, I thank God I was given such an opportunity of working alongside such a man, and of having my eyes opened to the fact that occasionally such supermen exist on this earth

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