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Chief Engineer: Washington Roebling, the Man Who Built the Brooklyn Bridge The First Full Biography Of A Crucial Figure In The American Story Washington Roebling, Builder Of The Brooklyn Bridge I Know That Nothing Can Be Done Perfectly At The First Trial I Also Know That Each Day Brings Its Little Quota Of Experiences, Which With Honest Intentions, Will Lead To Perfection After A While Washington RoeblingHis Father Conceived Of The Brooklyn Bridge, But After John Roebling S Sudden Death, Washington Roebling Built What Has Become One Of American S Most Iconic Structures As Much A Part Of New York As The Statue Of Liberty Or The Empire State Building Yet, As Recognizable As The Bridge Is, Its Builder Is Too Often Forgotten And His Life Is Of Interest Far Beyond His Chosen Field It Is The Story Of Immigrants, Of The Frontier, Of The Greatest Crisis In American History, And Of The Making Of The Modern World Forty Years After The Publication Of The Great Bridge, David McCullough S Classic Chronicle Of How The East River Was Spanned, Erica Wagner Has Written A Fascinating Biography Of One Of America S Most Distinguished Engineers, A Man Whose Long Life Was A Model Of Courage In The Face Of Extraordinary Adversity Chief Engineer Is Enriched By Roebling S Own Eloquent Voice, Unveiled In His Recently Discovered Memoir That Was Previously Thought Lost To HistoryThe Memoir Reveals That His Father, John A Renowned Engineer Who Made His Life In America After Humble Beginnings In Germany Was A Tyrannical Presence In Washington S Life, So His Own Adoption Of That Career Was Hard Won A Young Man When The Civil War Broke Out, Washington Joined The Union Army, Building Bridges That Carried Soldiers Across Rivers And Seeing Action In Many Pivotal Battles, From Antietam To Gettysburg Aspects Of His Life Never Before Fully Brought To Light Safely Returned, He Married The Remarkable Emily Warren Roebling, Who Would Play A Crucial Role In The Construction Of The Unprecedented Brooklyn Bridge It Would Be Washington Roebling S Grandest Achievement But By No Means The Only OneElegantly Written With A Compelling Narrative Sweep, Chief Engineer Will Introduce Washington Roebling And His Era To A New Generation Of Readers Dr A.E Santaniello s comments on Chief Engineer Washington Roebling, the Man who Built the Brooklyn Bridge I have spent my entire life with books and book writers and can agree totally with his evaluation of Wagner s book Don t be put off by the title while the book does give you an insight into the engineering wonder that is the Brooklyn Bridge as executed, day by day, under Washington Roebling s exacting eye and enormous capacity for detail, Chief Engineer is also the poignant, heart rendering and always captivating story of one man s tenacity in the fact of hardship beyond most people s imagining Fortunately, Erica Wagner has beautifully done the imaging for use Washington Roebling and his life stand forth as much itself an enduring monument to the human spirit s capacity to journey through adversity to the stars as the great work that still stands as Wagner writes, an extraordinary symbol of nineteenth century ideals of progress This is biography, science and cultural history in one cover The book answers beautifully Hart Crane s question in his great poem The Bridge, How could mere toil align thy choiring strings This was an extremely interesting book The structure was very clear as the narrative was divided around Roebling s early life, his service in the Civil War, and then the stages of his career I found it fascinating how his father designed the wire and then, as an entrepreneur, father and son leveraged the business from bridges to elevators and beyond Their contribution to business, ingenuity, and US innovation are really brought to life by Wagner I also enjoyed reading about Emily Roebling and her accomplishments as well The level of detail is nicely balanced with a well crafted biographical and cultural narrative. Read this book and marvel at the genius, sacrifice and courage that carried America to the pinnacle of nations John Roeblingwas a gifted German immigrant whose fortune was built on a life of penury Washington Roebling was his brutalized son who dutifully carried his father s crowning achievement to completion but not without the heroic work of his wife, Emily In the midst of the work, his health failed He became an invalid and the project stalled Emily re invented herself as self taught engineer and project director Her courage and determination carried the bridge to its successful termination.

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