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Celluloid Skyline: New York and the Movies A Richly Illustrated Study Of New York City Explores How Movies Have Shaped, Influenced, Mythologized, And Invented The City In Such Films As Nd Street, Rear Window, Taxi Driver, Annie Hall, And Ghostbusters And Reveals How The Real Life New York City Has Been Transformed By Hollywood , First Printing

5 thoughts on “Celluloid Skyline: New York and the Movies

  1. Michael S. Goldfarb Michael S. Goldfarb says:

    If there was ever a book that really needed to be written, and was then executed nearly flawlessly, this is it Documenting the multi threaded releationship of New York City and Hollywood the movie biz began in NYC, and the studios financial offic

  2. ctyankee ctyankee says:

    If you have an interest in films, architecture or New York City then the purchase of this film is a no brainer The book is packed with photographs of movies and film sets that feature the buildings of New York Another reviewer mentioned the Alfred Hitchcoc

  3. Silenos Silenos says:

    James Sanders does some nice bit of cheerleading for his clearly beloved city, in the process furnishing us with some surprising insights into the tangled relations between the actual New York, in particular Manhattan, and its representation or recreation in films B

  4. Easy Rider Easy Rider says:

    Reading this book made me aware of how many movies were shot in the New York streets, beginning in the 1910 s, all the way to the present day Many of these locations no longer exist, but this book has enough photos and explanations to bring to life location shooting in New Yo

  5. Rocco Dormarunno Rocco Dormarunno says:

    How New York is seen figuratively and literally by the rest of the world has been influenced by Hollywood than anything else James Sanders brilliant Celluloid Skyline New York and the Movies explores the relationship among Gotham, Hollywood, and the rest of the planet There s a lot he

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