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Can You See What I See?: Toyland Express: Picture Puzzles to Search and Solve Booklist Advanced Review, NovemberWick us latest seek and find book begins in a toymaker us workshop, where an unpainted wooden train set and many other wooden toys and parts can be seen A rhyme challenges children to findthings among the hundreds of tiny objects The nextdouble page spreads follow the toys u progression as they are painted, displayed in a shop, received on a birthday, left on a bedroom floor, and repurposed in scenes involving a snowy mountain, a circus, and a dollhouse Forgotten in an attic, they reemerge at a yard sale, receive repairs, and find new life in a toy land cityscape Wick us puzzle design and picture composition are as masterful as his photography An appended note offers insight into the book us subject and acknowledges the ucteam of artists ud who contributed to it The handsome endpapers, depicting the toys in soft edged drawings washed with gentle colors, contrast nicely with the bright, crisply delineated photos Like other books in the Can You See What I See series, this book offers practice in visual discrimination skills as well as a great deal of fun Carolyn Phelan Kirkus Reviews, JuneComplex seek and find images provide an intriguing backdrop for the story of a tenacious toy train This latest collection of picture puzzles in the Can You See What I See series provides a nostalgic glimpse into the life, death and resurrection of a wooden train The engine huffs from creation to exploration as it races past blocks, around dolls and through miniature villages There s a vulnerable depth as the once cherished birthday present is discarded in the dusty attic Rescued in a yard sale and restored to its former beauty, the vehicle races with new purpose The text follows a repetitive format as an inviting question encourages the eagle eyed audience to peruse each page for items strategically placed within Without effusive description, straightforward rhymes of concealed objects add to the challenge of the hunt A direct title oversees each expansive double page spread, and the pace naturally builds to repeated references to the train and its tumultuous journey Wick plays with similar colors to enhance these expressive camouflaged spreads Digitally processed photographs capture crisp dimensions with remarkable clarity No puzzle herethese well designed scenes are another success from the picture challenge master Picture bookAn amazing new search and find adventure from the creative mind of renowned photographer and author Walter WickAmazing photographs accompany a search and find story by Walter Wick, the creator of award winning picture books, the author and photographer of the New York Times bestselling Can You See What I See series, and the photographer of the bestselling I Spy seriesN YOU SEE WHAT I SEE TOYLAND EXPRESS, the eighth title in the bestselling search and find series, follows the life of a toy train from the workshop to the attic, only to be rescued at a yard sale and brought to life once again in a new home As readers search forthanhidden objects, they will also notice how the train takes on various transformations along its journey

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