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Building Web Apps with Spring 5 and Angular: Modern end-to-end web application development A Complete Guide To Build Robust And Scalable Web Applications With Spring And AngularKey FeaturesThis Hands On Guide Will Teach You How To Build An End To End Modern Web Application Using Spring And AngularIt Is Easy To Read And Will Benefit Java Developers Who Have Been Used To Develop The Back End Part Of Web Application While Front End UI Has Been Left For UI DevelopersLearn The Core Aspects Involved In Developing The Backend And The UI, Right From Designing To Integrating And DeployingBook DescriptionSpring Is The Most Popular Application Development Framework Being Adopted By Millions Of Developers Around The World To Create High Performing, Easily Testable, Reusable Code Its Lightweight Nature And Extensibility Helps You Write Robust And Highly Scalable Server Side Web Applications Coupled With The Power And Efficiency Of Angular, Creating Web Applications Has Never Been EasierIf You Want Build End To End Modern Web Application Using Spring And Angular, Then This Book Is For YouThe Book Directly Heads To Show You How To Create The Backend With Spring, Showing You How To Configure The Spring MVC And Handle Web Requests It Will Take You Through The Key Aspects Such As Building REST API Endpoints, Using Hibernate, Working With Junit Etc Once You Have Secured And Tested The Backend, We Will Go Ahead And Start Working On The Front End With Angular You Will Learn About Fundamentals Of Angular And Typescript And Create An SPA Using Components, Routing Etc Finally, You Will See How To Integrate Both The Applications With REST Protocol And Deploy The Application Using Tools Such As Jenkins And DockerWhat You Will LearnSet Up Development Environment For Spring Web App And Angular AppProcess Web Request And Response And Build REST API EndpointsCreate Data Access Components Using Spring Web MVC Framework And HibernateUse Junit To Test Your ApplicationLearn The Fundamental Concepts Around Building AngularConfigure And Use Routes And ComponentsProtect Angular App Content From Common Web Vulnerabilities And AttacksIntegrate Angular Apps With Spring Boot Web API EndpointsDeploy The Web Application Based On CI And CD Using Jenkins And Docker ContainersTable Of ContentsIntroduction To Spring Web FrameworkPreparing The Spring Web Development EnvironmentData Access Layer With Spring And HibernateTesting And Running Spring Web AppSecuring Web App With Spring SecurityGetting Started With AngularCreating SPA With Angular And Spring Unit Testing With Angular AppsSecuring An Angular AppIntegrating Angular App With Spring Web APIsDeploying The Web Application This book is a terrible disappointment If you re hoping to be able to follow along through the examples in the book while the author presents the concepts and try them out for yourself, it is not possible The code provided in the book is incomplete, and the code that can be downloaded from the website does not follow the progression in the book, nor is it in a state that can be built and run This is not suitable for hands on learning Very often the author will present a short fragment of code with a very short paragraph summarizing the code, without enough detail to know why something is being done or to apply it to your own development Sometimes the code fragment is presented without any discussion at all, as at the end of the section on Spring IOC containers I cannot overemphasize how little practical information is in this book For example, in the section on mocking techniques with Mockito, the entire section includes 17 sentences, mostly in the form of bulleted lists just referring to a fragment of code e.g., The following code represents the usage of the Mockbean annotation , with literally no further text discussing this annotation, what it does, when and how it would be used and so on It s like the author is saying there s this really useful technique to mock beans, it uses this super helpful annotation in Spring called Mockbean, and if you want to actually learn about it then, well, you re on your own Good luck It seems like this book was rushed out in an incomplete state, and would have benefited from a good editor In the Kindle edition there is no Table of Contents section enabled The TOC is in the text, yes, but you can t use it for navigation it s not even listed among the chapters The chapters are not numbered, making it very difficult to see where you are I personally found the style of English off putting, with many cases of non quite right idioms or expressions or other things that were just off a bit, too distracting from the content of the text itself Bad writing is not the worst offense in this book, but it doesn t help.The docker section is out dated, not compatible with Docker CE which came out a full 6 months before this book was released The sample code mixes some of the old docker file format image.df with the newer Dockerfile format, never explaining the difference If you don t know Docker this will give you a reasonable high level overview, but not enough detail to build an image, launch a container or integrate this into your development environment How do you push a code change in your IDE into a running container How do you persist data in a volume How do you use docker compose to link two containers together into a stacked environment, and why The book is silent on any practical details.The whole book is like this incomplete sample code that does not develop from simpler to complex topics or build from chapter to chapter and short, incomplete or often completing missing discussion of relevant concepts from the sample code The most thoroughly written section of this book is the introduction, which is visible in the Look Inside feature, and after that, there is almost nothing of value The Table of Contents from this book suggests a really great selection of information to learn about, but it just doesn t deliver I regret this purchase and do not recommend this for anyone who wants to actually learn about Spring or Angular You re better off with the free materials available from both of those sites. I had to modify the POM Change Spring 2.x to 1.x and add JUnit 5 to make the Spring app work So cutting one star I think the tour of heroes on Angular 2 is helpful before this book Otherwise a good book on the full stack application development with the latest technologies. I already had a pretty good working knowledge of Spring, but wanted to find out how to work with Spring and Angular together.1 There were too many concepts and not enough examples Nothing tied together You might understand what Spring and Angular ARE and DO, but you won t be able to use them based on this book alone.2 This book was thrown together way to fast and never edited Shame on Packt for publishing it.3 I have no idea how to run the Angular source code I don t know Angular and the book doesn t help you make it work.

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