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Browning .30-caliber Machine Guns (Weapon) First adopted in 1917, the rugged and reliable Browning.30 caliber machine gun remained in US service into the Vietnam era, and is still occasionally found in use elsewhere even today Produced in both water cooled and air cooled versions, it has been employed in every imaginable role for a machine gun antipersonnel, antiaircraft, mounted on aircraft as both defensive and offensive armament, defensive armament aboard vehicles ard and soft skin , mounted on watercraft, and others Employing gripping first hand testimony and featuring specially commissioned illustrations and detailed photographs, many in color, this lively study of the Browning.30 caliber machine gun reveals the origins, combat history and legacy of this versatile and dependable weapon.

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    The book is a good overview like most of Osprey Publications However, the book arrived with several pages dog eared in teh top cornet The packaging was intact and the second Osprey book shipped in the order was perfect It would appear that the damage occurred prior to shipping.

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    This is outstanding book This book shows the history of the late model of the.30 cal machine gun People who like military weapons of World War Two will love this book The best pictures in this book are the cut a way Views of the weapon.

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    The history of browning machine guns

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    A lot of technical detail on the development of this diverse group of weapons Good discussion of the issues encountered in development and tactical use.

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    thank you

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