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  • Brian Clough: Nobody Ever Says Thank You: The Biography (English Edition)
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  • 18 December 2019
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    It s hard to think of a parallel personality to Brian Clough as in rough in American sports First he was a child prodigy goal scorer He was so prolific scoring goals that he became a full fledged English International, just missing out on the 1958 World Cup squad Even in those early days he had his critics who said he was nothing special, he just scored goals at the detriment of he team wait, it will get worse.A sudden injury ended his career With little education he pursues his next career in club management with a bottom club in the lowest division with Hartlepools United And he begins his partnership with Peter Taylor They achieve promotion in their 2nd season and then everything falls apart in a series of feuds and accusations a familiar pattern And it s off to Derby Under their leadership the team is rebuilt, wins promotion to the First Promotion, wins the Championship, and reaches the Semi Finals of the European Cup which ends in controversy and a memorable blow up at the Italian Press , before unraveling in accusations and feuds sound familiar.44 Days at Leeds United without Peter Taylor and a television feud with former Leeds Boss and then England National Team Manager Dan Revie captivates the nation and the infamous British Tabloids By now Clough has crossed the line into full blown alcoholism And then after reuniting with Taylor, it s off to Nottingham Forrest where they jump to the First Division and then win back to back European Cups along with a couple of domestic Cups before everything falls apart and Forrest is relegated.What a ride.Along the way Clough never gets the one jobs he always that he was destined for, the English National team He never learned that the people he antagonized on the way up, can still be there on the way down, and they often have short memories.One reason to recommend this book is that the great Jonathan Wilson wrote the story There are a number of books on about Cloughie including at least 3 autobiographies but none of them work the way this book does.I vividly remember sitting in the stands at the great Azteca Stadium at the 1986 World Cup Quarter finals between England and Argentina yes, the Hand of God game Next to me were 2 English fans who had flown over night from London to Miami to Mexico City just to see this game While the teams were warming up before the match, I asked them a simple question, how did you pronounce his last name For the next 2 hours they regaled me stories of Cough s career, his feuds, and his larger than life personality And I thought to myself this would make a great book Thanks to Jonathan Wilson, it has.

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    Wilson has written an interesting and exhaustively researched book Brian Clough was a titan in the world of European soccer in the latter half of the 20th century and this book provides all the details of his supremely successful yet surprising simple methods It also depicts a highly ambitious, extremely intelligent and deeply flawed individual equal parts devoted husband and father, megalomaniac, footballing genius and severe, chronic alcoholic.Brian Clough was a modern day Robin Hood Read the book and you might agree those two European Cups he stole for Nottingham are among the most inspiring accomplishments in the history of European soccer.

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    A biography as close as it can get to the real life of one of the greatest people in football history No greater compliment to its achievements than presenting him with good and bad, because every man, no matter how great, has also a darker side sometimes its egotistic decisions and its stuborness led to those moments that placed him in the history of football.

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    This is a good read for one interested in coaches in pro soccer Does a good job referencing other books to give a sense of contrast.I concur with others about the overemphasis on details such as game scores, etc For this reason, it took me longer than normal to read.

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    I really enjoyed this book A good insight into one of the most fascinating characters of football.

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                        Brian Clough: Nobody Ever Says Thank You: The Biography (English Edition)
            The most comprehensive account we have had so far of this remarkable man Rod Liddle THE SUNDAY TIMESThe final word on Brian CloughIn this first full, critical biography, Jonathan Wilson draws an intimate and powerful portrait of one of England s greatest football managers, Brian Clough, and his right hand man, Peter Taylor It was in the unforgiving world of post war football where their identities and reputations were made a world where, as Clough and Taylor s mentor Harry Storer once said, Nobody ever says thank you Nonetheless, Clough brought the gleam of silverware to the depressed East Midlands of the 1970s Initial triumph at Derby was followed by a sudden departure and a traumatic 44 days at Leeds By the end of a frazzled 1974, Clough was set up for life financially, but also hardened to the realities of football By the time he was at Forest, Clough s mask was almost permanently donned a persona based on brashness and conflict Drink fuelled the controversies and the colourful character it heightened the razor sharp wit and was a salve for the highs of football that never lasted long enough, and for the lows that inevitably followed Wilson s account is the definitive portrait of this complex and enduring man.