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Botulinum Toxin in Aesthetic Medicine Written By Two Renowned Experts, This Book Surveys The Use Of Botulinum Toxin A In Aesthetic Medicine, Including Patient Selection And Evaluation, As Well As Rules And Requirements The Book Provides Hands On Information For Common Indications, Such As Forehead And Glabella, Lateral Brow Lift, Crow S Feet And Lower Eyelid, Bunny Lines And Marionette Lines, Nose And Nasolabial Folds, Cheeks And Gummy Smile, Upper And Lower Lip, And The Chin And Neck A Section With Tips And Tricks Makes This Book An Invaluable Resource For The Practicing Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeons And All Other Physicians Interested In The Field Of Aesthetic Medicine Great Nothing wrong with the content a very good book The Kindle layout, however, is poor photo s do not show on the same page as their description Very clumsy.

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